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The Strongest Versatile Items in Early Autumn

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The Strongest Versatile Items in Early Autumn

  Original title: The strongest all-match single product in early autumn, the whole pair of overalls in the changing season!

  Author: The trend is in stock

  Early autumn is here, and there are a lot of celebrities wearing bibs recently. They are practical and easy to wear and don’t need to think about overly complicated collocations. They are also very suitable for various occasions in life.Come and learn from the popular stars today to wear bibs!

  The most popular and impressive recently should be Wang Hedi’s set of dragon fruit overalls.SAY OWT AW22 retro suspender jeans wear the basic Tee of the national trendy brand M26D Color series, wear STARTER BLACK LABEL x Staple joint series VOL sound wave shoes, a large area of ​​fluorescent powder and T-shirt Logo on the suspenders, and a small area of ​​pink on the sneakers. echo,Sao pink boys are also very handsome!

Ouyang Nana is wearing Urban Outfitters with Omighty printed suspenders, Louis Vuitton sneakers and her beloved cello. The eye-catching tops and shoes add a modern touch to the overalls. This Urban Outfitters overalls is perfect for women. The stars are also very popular, Angelababy and Di Ali Gerba both wear the same style.

Luo Yizhou wears the airport overalls, Dickies white overalls with a Taiping bird denim shirt, MLB baseball cap, Valentino sneakers, and the mix of denim and tannin adds a tooling style to the outfit, and the overall white is very good. refreshing.

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  Song Yanfei wears a classic denim blue outfit, and Brandy Melville’s blue vest is paired with vintage loose denimoveralls, wear Vans Authentic jelly blue and white checkerboard canvas shoes, fresh denim style can never go wrong, cute canvas shoes add some childishness, the contrast between the big wave shape and the neutral style is also exciting.

The recently hit TV series “Are You Safe” male protagonist Tan Jianci wears overalls, wearing TOFOURTH loose striped overalls with AmiParis Logo white Tee, wearing Smile Republic interchangeable canvas shoes, ATTEMPT embroidered newsboy hat, back MyBrand canvas bag, black and white wear is also very energetic and age-reducing. The straps are also worn normally and only buckled to switch the concave shape back and forth. The perfect score is refreshing for the little puppy overalls.

Wendy, a member of the girl group Red Velvet, recently wore a pair of overalls. The Korean brand Coily light-colored short-sleeved shirt is paired with Smooth Mood loose-strap jeans. She wears Nike Dunk High Football Grey sneakers, and carries a Korean niche brand Sienne taro purple bag. The purple gradient is very fresh, with Wendy’s signature smile full of vitality~

Bailu, who was recently in a relationship, wore 13DE MARZO functional three-dimensional bear overalls, a SOMESOWE striped slim vest, and MO & Co. Martin shoes wear Omto berets, and overalls can also wear a sweet and dark dark functional style.

Popular idol Wu Yuheng’s fresh pink suspenders are worn, and the luxury brand Marni co-branded with Uniqlo is pink short-sleeved with Dickies white suspenders, MLB retro sneakers, and white bottoms. It is also not oily and full of youthful feeling. It is a suit of overalls that will be popular with girls!

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Jessica Zheng Xiuyan also wears pink clothes. The white slim overalls of Korean designer brand Instantfunk are different from the loose version of general workwear style, showing her long legs and good figure; it is matched with Xiuyan’s own pink short cardigan and Red and white baseball caps and overalls can also be worn with a light and familiar taste!

A rare green color in overalls, Wu Yuheng is wearing a retro new youth brand Betweenand green overalls, an AAPE white and green striped T-shirt, a Kith fisherman hat, and Salomon x Carhartt WIP co-branded shoes, outdoor and American workwear A wonderful mix of casual.

The overalls that Shen Mengchen wears are also quite special. She wears the gradient overalls from the designer brand The God Particle, which is very good with ASH white shoes. She wears white Tee and Supreme denim baseball caps inside. She is a beautiful girl with street style and vitality. .

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