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“The Taste of the People” Nicholas Tse unlocks the Chaoshan Township Banquet and Miriam Yang returns to her hometown to find her taste and roots jqknews

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Tonight at 20:20, the food documentary reality show “The Taste of the People” jointly produced by Jiangsu Satellite TV and Fengwei Holdings will continue its journey of inquiring on Jiangsu Satellite TV. The exclusive online platform Youku will follow it at 20:30.

In China’s food territory, Chaoshan has always been famous for its freshness and delicacy. From seafood to lo-mei, from soft and glutinous to tendon, Chaoshan cuisine is very delicious all year round, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. In Tonight’s “The Taste of the People”, Nicholas Tse and Miriam Yeung came to Chaoshan to experience the taste of the people and the human feelings of Chaoshan at the village banquet, and also started a journey of Miriam Yeung’s “returning to her hometown to find her roots”.

Nicholas Tse’s township banquet was “sweet head” Miriam experienced hand-pounding beef balls

Strolling through the streets of Shantou, the arcades on both sides of the road, and the unique culture of overseas Chinese, show the history of people’s struggle to climb mountains and mountains and cross oceans in this land.

Nicholas Tse and Miriam Yeung’s first stop in the search for Chaoshan flavors started with a dazzling array of specialty snacks. The colorful cakes are a local flavor that Chaoshan people will carry with them because they are hungry and resistant to storage. The hand-pounded beef balls, which have been passed down for four generations, must go through a “pounding practice” if they want to have muscles and teeth, and the hot scene attracts Nicholas Tse and Miriam Yeung studied on the spot.

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In addition to street food, the two will also work with Chaoshan chefs to prepare an authentic local feast for Grandma Wu, bringing special delicacies such as kueh, oysters, and Chenghai lion head goose. The protagonist of the local feast style has always been the Chenghai lion-headed goose, which is “no goose can not make a feast”. Every professional stewed goose master has an exclusive secret old stew and meticulous techniques. The brine, spices and brown sugar water are slowly boiled, presenting a lion-headed goose of Chenghai with bright red color and delicious fragrance to the audience. Nicholas Tse will personally experience the “secret” of the braised goose, and even take the initiative to invite Ying to make the “sweet head” – anti-sand taro for Grandma Wu’s reunion banquet.


The feast full of hometown flavor also awakened Miriam Yang’s Chaoshan genes in her bones. She was recognized for her first work as a beginner, and she also received a mysterious gift specially customized for her by Nicholas Tse!


Nicholas Tse Cooking Creative Rice Noodles Miriam Returns Home to Find the Root of Courage

The food has the love and strength of the family, and the Yang Family Temple in Chenghai District has its own origin and family context. For Miriam Yang, this trip to Chaoshan is also a trip to find the roots of the hometown. Tonight, the audience will follow Miriam Yang and feel the “courage” in the bones of Chaoshan women.

The “courage” of Chaoshan’s daughter can be the solitary courage of going to a foreign country and riding the wind and waves. The image of an independent woman and her consistent courage that Miriam has shown over the years are inherited from the culture and taste of her hometown. Grandma Wu and her daughter, who has traveled to her hometown, not only inherited the qualities of Chaoshan women who are strong, dexterous, and silently dedicated to their families, but also have the same courage as Miriam Yang to leave her hometown and go to a distant place to fight for her own life and ideals.

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The “courage” of Chaoshan’s daughter can also be the courage to persevere in the face of difficulties and go hand in hand. Ranji Changfen and his wife started a small shop with the borrowed 100 yuan. For 20 years, what they have kept together is not only a smooth taste, but also a love for each other that never leaves and shares the sweet and the bitter. This warm feeling of staying together also inspired Nicholas Tse to make exquisite “pomegranate chicken” with rich and delicious ingredients and crystal clear vermicelli, praising the courage of Chaoshan women to stick to true love.


The local flavor is rooted in people’s hearts, bringing a steady stream of courage and strength, accompanying people to the ends of the earth. Tonight at 20:20 on Jiangsu Satellite TV, and at 20:30 on the exclusive online platform Youku, “The Taste of the People” will take you into the lively and fragrant Chaoshan cuisine.


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