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The Third Level Movie Masterpiece “Changchun Incident” (Photo) Eternal | Spring | Movie Hot Discussion | Ke Yiting

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The Third Level Movie Masterpiece “Changchun Incident” (Photo) Eternal | Spring | Movie Hot Discussion | Ke Yiting

Sometimes after watching a good film, I really can’t bear to let the time go by. “Eternal Spring” is such a film masterpiece, which belongs to the third level. (Image source: Screenshot of the movie poster)

A few weeks ago, I watched Jiaying Entertainment‘s invitation from Joint Entertainment

After the special screening of “Eternal Spring”,

Sitting in my seat, the aftertaste of the movie lingered in my heart for a long time.

It continues until now.

Sometimes after watching a good work, I really can’t bear to let time go by.

Because time will dilute all feelings.

But I think this film can transcend time.

Every time I think of it, I get goose bumps and I am moved by it.

This film has won many awards, but I remember when I went to watch the special screening that day,

The boss of Jiaying Entertainment held a microphone and said: I don’t like to talk about what awards a movie won, because these are not important.

Yeah none of that matters.

For me, there are three levels of good work.

The first level is sincere and moving simplicity,

Like “American Girl”, “Love Rises at Dawn”, “Boy Blue in the Moonlight”

The second level is sincere and moving, but also amazingly dramatic and entertaining.

Like Forrest Gump, more recently Faberman, Titanic, The Godfather 3 and many more

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The third level is that in addition to achieving all the above, it also has great significance of the times.

“Changchun Incident” is the masterpiece of this third level.

The amount of information in the modern community is huge. When recommending a movie, they always talk about issues and awards. It seems that everyone is led by these labels to watch it. Looking at it, it seems that they have lost their own selection criteria and follow the labels. Go, like losing your soul.

And a good work is for you to read and find your own soul. Just like Jiang Xun said, being busy is the death of the heart. A good work can slow you down from your busy schedule and leave a mark on your heart.

I remember at that time, the boss of Jiaying Entertainment held a microphone and said:

“Someone asked me, why do you want to be in a Falun Gong movie? To me it is not a Falun Gong movie, this movie is about voices pursuing freedom within the Chinese walls, it has a lot of meaning and has to be We Taiwanese have seen it, and we have reached a very high level of artistic achievement in film.”

“The Changchun Incident” represented Canada in the Oscars this year,

At the same time, it was shortlisted for the Oscars for “Best Drama”, “Best Animation”, and “Best Documentary”.

The animator is also the protagonist of this film, “Nobita”, the artist of the Marvel hero comics. Through the cooperation between the director and her, in this 3D animation, he combined the style of American comics with the soft rhyme of oriental culture. A sensational persecution, presented like a poem about plum blossoms finally blooming after a harsh winter.

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The movie “Changchun Incident” tells the story of Falun Gong practitioners who are persecuted in China risking their lives to expose the government’s brutal suppression and false propaganda by inserting TV programs.

An unprecedented story of resistance by the Chinese people, as well as a scene of speaking out for their faith at all costs, are all presented to the audience.

There will be a special screening next week (Wednesday) 3.29, if you are free in Taipei, you can sign up for a sneak peek!

The official release will be on April 7th. I recommend everyone to go to the cinema to watch this masterpiece of the third level!

Trailer: https://youtu.be/hmplY6sjyq4

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