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The third season of the documentary “A String of Life” starts to awaken viewers’ attachment to their hometown

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The third season of the documentary “A String of Life” starts to awaken viewers’ nostalgia for their hometownFly into the homes of ordinary people

“Life Strand 3” poster

A few days ago, the series of works of “The Inevitable B-station Gastronomy” series “Life Series 3” was launched. For many viewers, the return of “Life String 3” after a lapse of two years can be described as a surprise. The program continues the positioning of the “market” in the previous two seasons, still full of “fireworks”, and the content still focuses on the barbecue treasures in the world, and the ordinary but moving stories behind them.

Before the broadcast of “Life Series 3”, the program team held a movie watching at the Life Series authorized experience store in Xuhui District, Shanghai. At the scene, the audience felt an immersive experience of eating skewers and watching the feature film first. From the south of the colorful clouds to the land of Qilu, “Life Strand 3” shows the different barbecue characteristics from the north and south of the motherland spanning more than 3,000 kilometers, and also shows the life story behind the barbecue. Some viewers said that when they were studying abroad, because they could not eat Chinese delicacies, they used the “Life Series” series to dine, taking the delicacies in the documentary as their spiritual pillar.

This season’s program continues the previous main creative team, including the story-telling narrator Chen Yingjie, the legendary million copywriter Zhang Yueming, the chief producer of the “Life String” series, Wang Hailong, and the creation of the theme song of the “Life String” series The old North Band waited. Wang Hailong said that the team traveled all over the country in two years. In the third season, it not only visited Zibo in Shandong, Yanji in Jilin, and Xishuangbanna in Yunnan, but also unlocked Zhejiang, Guizhou, and Hebei that were not photographed in the first and second seasons, and visited the local areas. The special barbecue food and the regional cuisine behind it. In the first episode of the program, Banna people love to eat raw pig blood “Xin Huo” is amazing. This kind of “dark cuisine” that local people like to eat and outsiders shuns, seems to have revealed this season’s “Xin Huo” Out of the tip of the iceberg…

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As another masterpiece after “Let’s Supper”, “I Fan You”, “First Meal”, and “Xiaocheng Yeshiji 2”, “Life is a String 3” and the above works belong to the inevitable B-station gourmet history. brand. In the current high-speed and tense urban life, Station B provides a corner of the food documentary for a break, allowing the audience to see the diverse presentation of food culture and draw the spiritual power to face the busy social life from it. Among the 21 films released at the first documentary conference at Station B recently, three works including “Life Like Boiling 2”, “Flavour of Sichuan 4”, and “Single Food Story 2” are the inevitable series of Gastronomy at Station B. It will be launched one after another in the future.

Every Wednesday at 8 pm, “Life String 3” opens on time at station B. (Xinmin Evening News reporter Wu Xiang)

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