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The “Three-Body” animation has been repeatedly discussed and controversial_Audience_Original_Plot

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The “Three-Body” animation has been repeatedly discussed and controversial_Audience_Original_Plot

Original title: “The Three-Body Problem” animation has been repeatedly discussed and controversial

IT Times trainee reporter Jia Tianrong

The domestic animation “Three-Body Problem” adapted from Liu Cixin’s novel of the same name was launched a few days ago. On the first day of its launch, the number of broadcasts exceeded 100 million, and the number of follow-ups also exceeded 6 million. Xiti has more than 100 hot searches on the entire network, and quickly became an annual phenomenon-level domestic production. One of the animations. “Special effects investment over 100 million”, “It took 5 years to build”, “B station’s largest animation project”, these labels have been tagged before the broadcast, enough to show the weight of the “Three-Body” animation.

The original “Three-Body Problem” consists of the trilogy “Three-Body Problem”, “Three-Body Problem 2: Dark Forest” and “Three-Body Problem 3: Immortal Death”. It depicts the information exchange between the human civilization on Earth and the Three-Body Civilization and the rise and fall of the two civilizations in the universe. It won the World Science Fiction Award “Hugo Award” for Best Novel in 2015 and is also the most valuable Chinese science fiction IP. It started the road of film and television adaptation of movies, dramas and animations early.

In terms of plot, the “Three-Body” animation chose to bypass the first part of the part that established the world view, and directly entered the story of “Three-Body 2: Dark Forest”, which is also the most exciting part of the plot in the trilogy.

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“Three-Body 2: Dark Forest” tells the story of the Trisolarans, who have locked the science of the Earth people with technology, and dispatched a huge space fleet to the solar system, intending to wipe out the earth’s civilization. Facing the unprecedented crisis of the earth’s civilization, human beings formed The same huge space fleet, and at the same time, the Planetary Defense Council (PDC) took advantage of the fatal flaw of Trisolaran’s transparent thinking to formulate the “Wallface Project”, and selected four “Wallfacers” to fight against Trisolaran.

Luo Ji, who accidentally became a “Wallfacer”, gradually realized his sense of responsibility from the initial escape and enjoyment, and based on his own research on the law of the dark forest among cosmic civilizations, he thought of a way to fight the invasion of the Three-Body Civilization.

According to the creative team, the focus of the “Three-Body” animation will be on the interspersed restoration of the original plot, that is, a certain plot does not necessarily appear in the same position as the original, but is expressed in a new form. After Luo Ji became a Wallfacer, subsequent adaptations will basically follow the original route.

In the five episodes released so far, there are many magnificent and shocking scenes. For example, in the “Guzheng Project” at the beginning, the “Judgment Day”, which was transformed from a 10,000-ton cruise ship, slowly sailed through the Panama Canal, and 50 nanometer silks with sparks cut the giant ship open. For example, in the second episode, Ding Yi presides over the particle collision experiment in space. Many people think that this part is very rigorous in terms of the construction of the space station and the special effects.

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Ruan Rui, the founder and CEO of Yihua Kaitian, a three-body animation production company, once said that in order to reasonably present the sci-fi scenes in “Three-Body”, the team visited the team of scientists many times to communicate and discuss the scientific principles. In the process of body creation, we regularly maintain close communication with the team of scientists and have accumulated tens of thousands of notes.”

In addition, the distinctive Chinese atmosphere in the “Three-Body” animation is also eye-catching. The life scenes of many protagonists have reproduced the elements of real life, and the crisis era is like the Chinese urban scenery in the 1990s. The main characters, Luo Ji and Shi Qiang, all have oriental features and behaviors, and the mandarin dubbing used also highlights their different personalities; and slogans and billboards with Chinese characters can be seen everywhere in the urban scenes, and some The transitional scenes with the atmosphere of the Chinese market, such as food streets, food stalls, etc., are very friendly and can better help the audience understand the values ​​​​conveyed in the film.

Perhaps it is precisely because the height reached by the original work is too high, the audience’s expectations for the work are too high, and the audience has waited too long. For the “Three-Body” animation, the audience is also difficult to agree. Admired, but more viewers questioned the plot adaptation and characterization of the animated version. They believed that the screenwriter of the animated version weakened the essence of the original work, and the plot adaptation was relatively thin, lacking the depth and plot development of the original work. Make the audience dissatisfied with the quality of the animation.

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For the producer, condensing the trilogy with more than 800,000 words and a plot spanning 1,800 years into animation is destined to require a lot of adaptation. Zhang Shengyan, vice president of station B, the producer, said: “The Three-Body Problem is a novel and a literary work. It must be adapted, filled with content and shaped in the image in the process of visualization. This is all to make the audience better. comprehend the content.”

At present, five episodes of the “Three-Body” animation have been launched. Although there are mixed reviews, as a test of the water, it still successfully fired the first shot for the filming of “Three-Body”. The animation plots that have been played are less than 1/5, and the follow-up plot, quality, and word-of-mouth development are all worth waiting and watching.

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