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The three traps of life (picture)

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The three traps of life (picture)

Three major traps in life: carelessness, gullibility, and greed. (Image source: Adobe stock)
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A farmer went into town to sell donkeys and goats. A small bell is tied around the goat’s neck. The three thieves saw it, and one thief said, “I went to steal the sheep, but the farmer couldn’t find it.”
See Chinese websites prohibit the establishment of mirror websites. Return to the genuine Chinese website.

Another thief said, “I’m going to steal the donkey from the farmer.”

The third thief said, “It’s not difficult. I can steal all the clothes from the farmer.”

The first thief approached the goat quietly at the turn of the road, untied the bell, tied it to the donkey’s tail, and led the goat away. The farmer looked around, saw that the goat was missing, and began to look for it.

Then the second thief came up to the farmer and asked him what he was looking for, and the farmer said he had lost a goat. The thief said, “I saw your goat. A man led a goat into the woods just now, and he can still catch him now.”

The farmer begged the thief to help him lead the donkey and chase the goat himself. The second thief took the opportunity to lead the donkey away.

When the farmer came back from the woods and saw that the donkey was also gone, he cried while walking on the road.

As he was walking, he saw a man sitting by the pond, crying. The farmer asked him what happened.

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The man said, “I was asked to send a bag of gold to the city. I was really tired. I sat and rested by the pond, fell asleep, and pushed the bag into the water in my sleep.”

The farmer asked him why he didn’t go down and fish up the sack.

The man said, “I’m afraid of water because I can’t swim. Whoever finds this bag of gold, I’ll give him twenty pieces of gold.”

The farmer was overjoyed and thought to himself, “Just because someone else stole my goat and donkey, God gave me happiness.” So he took off his clothes and dived into the water, but he couldn’t find the bag no matter what. gold. When he climbed out of the water, he found that the clothes were missing. It turned out that a third thief had stolen his clothes.

this isThree major traps in life: carelessness, gullibility, and greed.

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