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The total box office of Chinese films in ten years is 407.09 billion yuan. “Prosperity Xiudian” offline exhibition + documentary linkage_North America_Ranking No.1_Data

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The total box office of Chinese films in ten years is 407.09 billion yuan. “Prosperity Xiudian” offline exhibition + documentary linkage_North America_Ranking No.1_Data

Original title: The total box office of Chinese films in the past ten years is 407.09 billion yuan

All data on this week’s list is as of 19:00 on October 19th. The list represents the views of “film and television observers”, and friends in the industry are welcome to give us valuable opinions and suggestions.

According to data from the National Film Specialty Office, in the 41st week (October 10-October 16), the national movie box office revenue was 233 million yuan, down 77.85% from the previous month. The box office rankings haven’t changed much.

The National Day champion “Returning Miles” ranked first, with a box office of 154 million yuan, accounting for 66.32% of the box office, and a Douban score of 7.4. “Ordinary Heroes” and the Mid-Autumn Festival movie “Hello, Brother” ranked second and third, and received 23.174 million yuan and 21.2177 million yuan at the box office respectively. The rest of the film scores did not break 10 million yuan.

According to statistics from the Film Specialty Office, the film “The Journey Home” was released for 18 days, and the total box office exceeded 1.3 billion. At present, the box office of “Homecoming” continues to rise, and Zhang Yi’s personal film total box office rose to eighth, breaking through 16 billion.

From 2012 to 2022, the total box office of Chinese films is 407.09 billion yuan

Recently, the China Film Report section of the Movie Channel launched a series of special reports on “Ten Years of Chinese Movies-Illustrated Movies”. From 2012 to 2021, the box office of Chinese films has been rising steadily, constantly breaking new records. The total box office is as high as 407.09 billion yuan, and the total number of moviegoers in urban theaters is about 11.32 billion. Among them, in 2020 and 2021, the total box office of Chinese films is It has ranked first in the global film market for two consecutive years. In the past decade, China’s film infrastructure construction has developed rapidly. Since 2016, the total number of screens in mainland China has been ranked first in the world. At present, there are 51 urban cinema chains across the country, and the cumulative number of screenings in the past ten years has reached 680 million. The cumulative number of subscriptions for rural public welfare film screenings reached 105 million.

North American theaters: 25 films grossed about $76.95 million

The North American box office statistics website boxofficemojo.com released film market data on October 16. 25 films earned about 76.95 million US dollars at the North American weekend box office (October 14-16), an increase of more than 30% from the previous month. It was the first time in nearly two months that the North American weekend box office topped $70 million.

Halloween is one of the enduring inspirations for Hollywood horror movies. The first “Moonlight”, which debuted in 1978, won a box office of $47.16 million with a stretched investment of several hundred thousand dollars. Major film review websites also gave it a “must-see certification” with an MTC score of 87 and a freshness of 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. . 40 years later, director David Gordon Green restarted this classic horror story and launched “Moonlight Panic” and “Moonlight Panic: Killing” in 2018 and 2021, with box office exceeding 250 million and 1.3 million respectively. One hundred million U.S. dollars. “Moonlight Panic: The End”, which premiered on October 14 this year, is the final chapter of this trilogy. Despite easily winning the latest North American weekend box office, “Moonlight Panic: The End” is the bottom of the trilogy with its roughly $41.25 million premiere. Not only was the box office performance lower than expected, but the film’s reputation was also not optimistic. At present, the major film review websites have only rated it as 45 on MTC, 40% on Rotten Tomatoes, and as low as C+ on CinemaScore. Some viewers said that the story of the film is sloppy and lacks the level of a finale.

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Under the impact of new faces, the last North American weekend box office champion “Dangerous Laughter”, which was also a horror film, relegated to the second place in this round of rankings with about 12.4 million US dollars, a 33% month-on-month decline. The musical comedy cartoon “Crocodile Riley” dropped from the runner-up in the previous list to the third place in this round with about 7.4 million US dollars. The historical drama action film “Daho Beauty Warrior” continued to hold the No. 4 spot with about $3.7 million. The suspense-comedy-drama “Amsterdam” came in at No. 5 with about $2.89 million.

It is worth noting that the musical drama “Tal”, which was released on a small scale on October 7, as the number of screening halls increased from single digits to double digits, the box office this weekend increased by 127% month-on-month to about 360,000. The U.S. dollar jumped to No. 14 in this round. Actress Cate Blanchett won the Best Actress award at the 79th Venice International Film Festival again for this film. At present, the major film review websites have rated it with an MTC score of 90 and a freshness of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes. Some critics said that the film’s picture quality and dramatic tension are unforgettable.

In a new week, Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson’s sci-fi action film “Black Adam” will premiere on October 21. The romantic comedy “Tickets to Heaven,” starring Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts and best supporting actor George Clooney, will also be released on the same day. Driven by the joint efforts of new films, the North American weekend box office is expected to rebound to more than $100 million for the first time since late July this year.

This week’s recommendations:

“Captain Dad”

Geng Changsheng, the leader of the sanitation brigade, and his wife were trapped on a mission in the rainstorm. They didn’t want his wife to die and became a vegetable. Facing the incomprehension of the world, Geng Changsheng still guarded the city and silently guarded his wife. Three years later, the city was rated as a national civilized city, and his wife slowly woke up under his care.

TV section

Weekly average top 5 TV drama ratings

Weekly average top 5 viewership ratings for online dramas

“The Big Exam” Begins Broadcasting on Beijing Satellite TV

Co-produced by iQIYI and Shanghai Tongmeng Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., with Feng Weiwei as the producer, Shen Yan as the director, Shen Jie as the art director, and Chen Baoguo, Wang Qianyuan, Li Gengxi, Hu Xianxu and Rong Zishan as the starring contemporary urban TV drama ” The Big Exam” will be broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV from October 18th. The drama will be broadcast on CCTV, Dragon TV and Zhejiang Satellite TV on September 21, 2022.

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“Song of Lushan” Hunan Satellite TV will be released on October 19

Mao Weining served as the chief director, Zhang Tong directed, Yang Shuo, Hou Yong, Jiao Junyan, Ying Er, Xia Dejun, Tian Xiaojie, Yue Hong, Liu Wei, Fan Ming, Ding Liuyuan, Liu Peiqi, Ren Zhengbin, Li Hongtao, Li Qiang, Zong Ping, Li Sibo, Shen Hao, The contemporary heavy industry manufacturing drama “Song of Lushan” starring Zhang Haotian, Zhao Xuan and Shi Jieru will be broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV from October 19th. The play has been broadcast on CCTV on August 19, 2022. It tells that under the tide of intelligent manufacturing transformation, the state-owned listed company Lushan Heavy Industry faces difficulties, sticks to its main business, and bravely competes with the world‘s construction machinery giants. Ultimately realize the story of innovative and intelligent manufacturing and rebirth.

The documentary “Prosperity Xiudian” was launched

From September 29, 2022, the “Prosperity Xiudian – ‘The Great Series of Chinese Paintings of Past Dynasties’ Achievements Exhibition” will be displayed at the National Museum of China. From October 17th to October 19th, 2022 at 20:30 every day, the three-episode cultural engineering documentary “Prosperity Xiudian” produced by Zhejiang Radio and Television Group and carefully produced by Zhejiang University will also make a wonderful appearance on Zhejiang Satellite TV, with vivid documentary techniques Uncover more exciting behind the “big series”.

The short drama “Broken a Cocoon into a Butterfly” broadcasts quickly

Co-produced by Jiaxing and Kuaishou, starring Su Ruiying and Zhou Haoshan, and starring Lu Meixi and Wang Yanlin, the short drama “Broken a Cocoon into a Butterfly” has been broadcast on Kuaishou since October 15th, every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, aired on the day.

Variety show

TV variety show ratings Top 5

Online variety show ratings Top 5

“Overcoming Toughness”: Ren Xianqi Wu Jianhao ICE

In last week’s program, the brothers ushered in the fourth public performance stage. In addition to individual team battles, this time there are three additional extra points show links, and ICE Yang Changqing’s team sent a team He, Ren Xianqi and Wu Jianhao completed it together and brought a lyrical stage “Empty”, which successfully made the alliance counterattack from the countdown, won the first place, and once again boarded the show record wall. It can be said that this stage is absolutely amazing. Brother Qi’s soulful singing and Yang Changqing’s rap are all steady. Wu Jianhao turned into a professional dancer and used physical strength to express emotions. The three of them had a tacit understanding. The amazing thing about this show is that Wu Jianhao’s long-sleeved and fluent dance will not become a set, but it is a bright spot, echoing the audience with Ren Xianqi and ICE Yang Changqing, the whole stage is too perfect. Deserved first place.

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“Annual Comedy Contest 2”: “Fat People”

In the second stage of the annual comedy contest 2, the PK knockout round, the “study” group Tudou Lu Yan once again presented a masterpiece “The Theory of Evolution”. And this show is also called by netizens as another “crazy killing” work by the “Fat Master” group after “Father’s Funeral”. In the show, two orangutans have evolved intelligence, but to different degrees. Gorilla Potato has evolved mathematics, physics and chemistry, human science and literature. He can read and write, and can even sing “Listen to Mom” ​​by Jay Chou. Another orangutan, Lu Yan, can only speak Mandarin, and only evolved a sense of shame after being reminded by the orangutan potato. At the same time, the orangutan Tudou sighed, “The older you get, the lonelier you become, and the more uneasy you become as you evolve.” Especially when the two orangutans read the “Administrator’s Manual”, the simple-minded orangutan Lu Yan only saw the “Global Female Orangutan Guide”. The orangutan potato, who has evolved higher wisdom, has seen the typesetting and printing of books, and the evolution of human wisdom and knowledge. It can be said that this show once again broke through the ceiling of imagination, and turned around in the last god, giving the audience a lot of space for imagination and thinking, absolutely.

“My Bronze Age”: Li Yuchun

In the latest episode of “My Bronze Age” hosted by Chen Xiaonan, which aired last week, Li Yuchun revealed for the first time that he had ankylosing spondylitis. This news aroused everyone’s concern. That night, she responded with a post saying: “The interview was done this summer. I remember chatting until the sky was getting dark, and I was very happy. There are not many people who can talk freely. I have this opportunity to share some of my life in the past three years. For a moment, I also feel that I have learned a lot from a lot of questions and exchanges. Thank you, Sister Xiaonan, and all the friends who care about me. “

In 2005, Li Yuchun won the championship of “Super Girl” and debuted as the earliest popular idol. In “My Bronze Age”, Li Yuchun admitted that when she first entered the industry, she had many questions, but no one helped her answer them. At that time, she was in a very autistic state. sense of trust”.

Now Li Yuchun is also a lot more cheerful, trying to open himself up, “It is impossible for people to live in a vacuum. You can’t be a lonely island, not connected to anyone.” In “My Bronze Age”, Li Yuchun also He talked about his different definitions of idols: “Anyone who stands on the stage should be himself and should be self-conscious.”

In the program, Li Yuchun revealed for the first time that he had ankylosing spondylitis. She said she was suddenly told by doctors last year that she had ankylosing spondylitis, something she never expected. To this end, she composed a song “Five Zangs and Six Fus”. Li Yuchun also said that the disease often recurs, and sometimes he can’t even lie down smoothly, and there is a “petrochemical feeling”.Return to Sohu, see more

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