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The Trani Dialogues are back and they choose the theme of sustainability

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A poetic bike ride, a ping pong match under the guidance of a contemporary Socrates and then installations, but – above all – many encounters with intellectuals, journalists, writers, economists and scientists. From 16 to 19 September the Trani Dialogues are back which, this year, cross the finish line of the 20th edition and choose the theme of “Sustainability”. In this corner of Puglia, a crossroads of different peoples and cultures, the word becomes a bridge. “This cultural event has to do with the creation of communities of knowledge, spaces for sharing, dialogue – says the artistic director, Rosanna Gaeta – which offer innovative experiences of community education and sharing of cultural and ecological knowledge”. Among the guests: the jurist and academic Gustavo Zagrebelsky, the prosecutor Nicola Gratteri, the historian Luciano Canfora, the journalists Ferruccio de Bortoli, Ezio Mauro, Giovanna Botteri, the writers Dacia Maraini and Maurizio de Giovanni, the immunologist Antonella Viola and many others . They will alternate on a stage made, for the occasion, with jute canvas and other eco-sustainable materials.

Many curiosities of the Festival and the initiatives in the four days. Like the Gymnasium project that brings together platonic dialogue and ping pong. Real competitions enriched with jokes and answers where the winner of the match sits at the side of the table and talks with the philosopher on a theme of his choice. Beauty or time thus become concepts to be explored and improvised, with the guidance of figures such as Ilaria Gaspari and Piero Dorfles. And then attention to the environment, with outdoor Eco-dialogues and bicycle rides through the city streets. It will be possible to discover nature through the five senses, talk about food waste and the fight against mafias, immerse yourself in popular performances through a path of multimedia guides – activated via QR Code – which tell about forgotten places and the importance of protecting them. Up to the installations of a tree, entirely built during the cleaning interventions, and of a tripod created in collaboration with the Order of Architects of the BAT and Polytechnic of Bari. function of containing books.

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Active and responsible citizenship and a particular attention to young people guide the event born in 2002 from the vision of the publisher Giuseppe Laterza and the association “La Maria del Porto” in collaboration with the Municipality. A comparison that, continues Gaeta, “wants to give birth to new ideas, to propose solutions and proposals in terms of social innovation”. Here, to suggest reflections on sustainable development, the minister and economist Enrico Giovannini, the director of the Egyptian Museum of Turin Christian Greco, the singer and writer Francesco Bianconi, founder of the Baustelle, the witness of the siege of Sarajevo of the Serbian forces, Azra Ibrahimovic, now engaged in humanitarian projects. An intense program, available on the website www.idialoghiditrani.com in which there will be a free creative writing course in collaboration with the Scuola Holden of Turin. But the organizers have really thought of everything: on the Facebook page of the Festival – which will broadcast the appointments live – the virtual assistant Plato is ready to interact to answer any questions. On the other hand, some postcards will be distributed to the public in attendance, reproducing the tables designed by architect Roberto Rubini who told the theme of sustainability through the eyes of an octopus. Intelligent creature and symbol of a marine ecosystem to be protected.

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