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The TV series “Na Shan Na Hai” was launched on CCTV, showing the real power with ordinary jqknews

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The TV series “Na Shan Na Hai” was launched on CCTV, showing the real power with ordinary jqknews

On October 17, the TV series “Na Shan Na Hai” was broadcast on CCTV’s prime time. The play tells the inspirational story of the three brothers of the Lei family in Guanfengzhai, located in the mountainous area with inconvenient transportation, leading the villagers to get rid of poverty and become rich and create a better life. The characters in the play are close to reality, and the plot touches people’s hearts.

“The Mountain and the Sea” extracts materials from real events, showing the working people’s spiritual character of bearing hardships and standing hard, advocating faith, perseverance, uprightness and courage, as well as the courage and wisdom of daring to take the lead and brave the tide of the times.

Yang Zheng, Tie Weiguang, Zhang Zhilu and many other powerful actors joined forces to interpret the process of the three brothers changing the fate of the family and the development of the whole village through “opening the mountain” and “making the sea”. The old drama bones Zhang Guangbei and He Zhengjun collaborated again to create a vivid image of “muscles, bones and warmth”, leading the audience to feel the imprint of the struggle of the times.

Delicate and emotional details tell the story of poverty alleviation

In order to create a delicate and moving struggler of the era, “The Mountains and the Seas” adopts a life-like expression method, and affectionately depicts the three brothers of the Lei family who will never admit defeat and stick to their hearts to meet challenges in the face of the ensuing emotional and life difficulties. Courage and courage, in the psychological description of the characters, the setting of the story scenes, and the shaping of the supporting characters, all strive to return to the original.

The play focused on the distressed life of the Lei family at the initial stage. A sudden typhoon shattered the expectations of the three brothers of the Lei family and the villagers of Guanfeng Village for a better life. The school is on the verge of collapse… A series of plots depict the state of Guanfeng Village in desperate need of poverty alleviation. Facing the broken love, the test of family affection and the confusion of the future, this precarious family and village also opened the prelude to struggle.

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The whole work is rich in content, full of emotions, and has many tears. By focusing on the small joys and sorrows around the individual, it shows the big background, big events, big ideas, and vivid detailed scenes, reproduces the character and quality of the people in the mountains, and conveys The voice of poverty alleviation in a specific era.

The TV series

When they went down the mountain and saw the boundless sea for the first time, there were waves in their hearts, and the seeds of getting rid of poverty and becoming a new butterfly took root in their hearts. Spirit, they have accumulated a lot of rich experience, Quan Shui is dedicated to building roads, Heng Shui actively participates in the breeding of red oyster, the two brothers overcame all difficulties and fought hard, showing a story of poverty alleviation in the mountains.

The refined interpretation of the real dimension interprets the breath of life

“The Mountain and the Sea” is a rural drama with a large span of time. It has a strong brand of the times. Director Zhang Wei adheres to a realistic creative attitude and uses the lens to directly attack the ups and downs of the three brothers of the Lei family in getting rid of poverty. Through the use of art design, kimono, and other means to create a realistic historical atmosphere and reproduce the original appearance of real life in different stages.

The whole play carefully depicts the regional, national, and public life atmosphere, whether it is the environment of the times, the plot background, or the detailed processing of several links such as transformation, clothing, and Taoism, all give people a sense of reality. The creation of the atmosphere was quite successful. The realistic atmosphere of the times and the atmosphere of fireworks in the world not only enhance the authenticity of the content of the work, but also bring the audience a real feeling of watching the play.

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The TV series

In order to make the play more down-to-earth and closer to life, so that the audience can more firmly believe that there is a real story behind the play, the director emphasizes the regional characteristics and national culture. The large yellow croaker farming and large-scale grape planting in the play It has a realistic foundation and highlights the characteristics of local people relying on the mountains to eat the mountains and sing folk songs, rely on the sea to eat the sea and read the sea scriptures, strengthen and expand the mountain and sea economy, and realize the characteristics of rural revitalization.

In order to let the sense of reality penetrate into the whole process of the play, the actors also experience the local life immersively from the aspects of clothing, food, housing and transportation, feel the atmosphere of the plot, and express the characteristics of life, language and culture in the mountains through a strong sense of substitution. , to create the most authentic breath of life.

  The shaping of typical characters composes a chapter of forging ahead

“The Mountain and the Sea” focuses the audience’s attention on a group of simple and tenacious people, showing the groping process of the people in the mountains to get rid of poverty with the growth and experience of several different individuals. The director uses a realistic brush to describe the eighth century of the last century In the 1990s, the intricate and typical environment of harsh living conditions, material shortages, and difficult life effectively showed the hero’s fighting spirit and noble feelings that were not afraid of hardships and moved forward bravely.

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The TV series

The play has shaped typical environments and typical characters, and presented those passionate and burning years with moving group portraits. The struggle of the three brothers of the Lei family is the main line of the play, and each character is very representative. The eldest, Quan Shui, is simple and kind, possessing the spiritual qualities of a foolish man who moves mountains, opening up a road to prosperity for the development of the village. After changing his fate with knowledge, he actively devoted himself to the cause of poverty alleviation and repaid the mountain that raised him.

The director gathers strength to present the spiritual power of the people in the mountains, “drops of water pass through stones, weak birds fly first”. The three brothers of the Lei family in the play are the weak birds in the mountains. The weak birds can fly first, and the poorest can get rich first. The three Lei family brothers The spirit of daring to fight for the best in the world and the spirit of quality leading the people to create a better life are exactly the portrayal of the people of Dashan in poverty alleviation.

The play also shows the different struggle experiences and directions of several generations, from “opening mountains” and “making seas” to Internet e-commerce-driven industrial development, vividly showing the key people and key issues on the road to poverty alleviation, showing the new era of hard work. for responsibility and national unity.

The work “Na Shan Na Hai” is closely related to the theme of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. It enthusiastically sings the praises of ordinary people on the road of poverty alleviation, conveys positive energy, inspiring people to forge ahead and infect people’s hearts.

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