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The universities denied an agreement and assure that it is only an “announcement” from the Government

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The universities denied an agreement and assure that it is only an “announcement” from the Government

El Ministry of Human Capital reported that a proposal had been agreed upon with the National Interuniversity Council to provide a solution to the claims carried out by the country’s universities due to salary cuts in the educational sector. However, the universities indicated that it was only an informal “announcement” from the Government.

According to the statement published on Thursday by the national organization, a consensus had been achieved between both sectors where it was agreed an increase of 70% in March and May for the university sector. In addition, there had been talk of holding a meeting to resolve the situation.

However, hours later, The National Interuniversity Council was present and clarified the situation: «This is not an agreement but an announcement by the government.either”. They then expressed that they maintain the proposal of increases as necessary to be able to resolve all their claims and highlighted that a dialogue was necessary: ​​”It is, without a doubt, the way to achieve lasting agreements that provide the predictability that the university and scientific system needs in matters budgetary.

The CIN referred to the government statement where it stated that a meeting had been agreed upon next week and they responded: “We are waiting for the invitation that formally entails the measure that the CIN Executive Committee will attend.”. Intimating in this way that they were unaware of such a meeting.

Finally They mentioned the removal measure scheduled for April 23 and ratified their participation in the march. They pointed out that this will be carried out as planned since “it is an activity of vital importance to make visible the situation that the national university and scientific system is going through.”

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University march on Tuesday the 23rd

On Tuesday, April 23, there will be a great federal march in defense of the public university. It will be developed to the length and breadth of the country. In Black river y Neuquen The calls from the National University of Comahue are already available and the National University of Río Negro.

From the universities of both provinces They called for mobilization in defense of the public university. Through social networks or at a press conference, they invited the community to march next Tuesday.

As a clarification, the University Comahue National reported that still The call in San Antonio Oeste remains to be defined.

Additionally, students from the National University of Río Negro, at the headquarters of Cipollettisummoned at 11 at the Spain Street headquarters, with a route to be defined. Apart, They called to later join the march in Neuquén capital at 6:00 p.m.

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