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The virtual idol catches the “Meta Universe” shuttle bus and the beauty blogger “Liu Yexi” bursts with popularity and millions of fans-Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

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The virtual idol catches the “Meta Universe” shuttle bus and the beauty blogger “Yu Yexi” bursts with popularity and millions of fans overnight

Daily Business NewsThe first video of the newsletter has more than 3 million likes, and the two content has increased by more than 4 million. This is the transcript of the virtual beauty expert “Liu Yexi” one week after his debut on Douyin.Virtual idols, beauty makeup, “meta universe”, asThe three labels of “Liu Yexi” that became popular overnight can be said to have assembled the hottest concepts of the moment, and they are called “the first person of the beauty blogger of the meta universe”.

The reporter observed that the first video of “Liu Yexi” was released on October 31. In the video, a group of modern people are watching a woman in ancient costume make-up. This person is “Liu Yexi”. After “Liu Yexi” turned his head, the ancient makeup on his face was particularly unique: a silver line ran across his nose and cheeks, and the lipstick was only applied to the middle of the lips. Just as everyone was frightened, a little boy stepped forward and asked, “Are you a human?”

This two-minute video has movie-level picture texture, suspense plot and post-production special effects. “Liu Yexi”, as a rare virtual person with the image of Guofeng, has been made extremely realistic. Many short video bloggers have said that the emergence of “Liu Yexi” is a dimensionality reduction blow to the short video industry. On the second day after the video came out of the circle, “Liu Yexi” released two more conceptual photos with exquisite makeup. So far, she has won 4.28 million fans with two pieces of content.

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As Liu Yexi became popular, the production team behind him “Chuangyi Video” also surfaced. It is understood that “Chuangyi Video” is a brand of Shenzhen Chuangyi Technology and Culture Co., Ltd., involved in various business sectors such as special effects production and KOL incubation. Liang Zikang, its co-founder and CEO, said, “Creating virtual human videos is actually a very heavy and large amount of work.” He revealed that a single “Liu Yexi” video costs more than one million yuan and is expected to operate. Business cooperation will be considered after 2-3 months.

In fact, before “Liu Yexi”, the virtual idol track had gained a wave of enthusiasm in China and embarked on the road of commercialization. According to statistics, in the past two years at least more than 30 brands have begun to adopt avatar spokespersons, such as Tmall’s “Qianmiao”, Huaxizi’s “Huaxizi”, L’Oreal’s “M sister”, Nestlé’s “Zoe”, and Zhong Xue Gao’s “Axi” and so on. The most out of the circle are fashion virtual characters AYAYI and Ling Ling. AYAYI has cooperated with brands such as Guerlain and An Muxi, and was also invited to participate in LV activities. Alibaba became the digital manager of Tmall Super Brand Day; Ling Ling had business cooperation with 100 years of RT-Mart and Keep. Cooperate with Tmall to become the digital recommendation officer for this year’s “Double 11”.

The reason why “Liu Yexi” can stand out this time is mainly because it took the bus that exploded with the concept of “Meta Universe”, which magnified its commercial value. As a vehicle for the integration of the virtual world and the real world, the “meta universe” has attracted great attention from the science and technology circle and the capital circle. Tencent, Bytedance, etc. have entered related fields, and foreign companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Nvidia also have layouts.

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At present, the “meta universe” is still in the conceptual stage, and the emergence of Liu Yexi is just an entry point for the concept of “meta universe” to enter reality. However, some people believe that “Liu Yexi” was born on the ground of “Meta Universe”, but in fact it was just a change of soup, not medicine. Whether it can belong to the category of Meta Universe, there is no clear statement in the industry.

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