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the warning to the children

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the warning to the children

Las weather conditions predicted starting Wednesday and ending Sunday could bring you complications for the children of the north of Neuquén. According to the AIC, in some locations there will be rain and snowfall, For this reason, police personnel He warned those who are still carrying out transhumance.

«It is suggested to the muleteers who are still in the summer sector “to expedite their return to wintering” wrote the head of Police Station 38 of Las Ovejas, in a statement broadcast by Radio Viva FM. As explained by the director of the Unit, it was the AIC who personally confirmed the weather conditions to the police agency.

It is that from Wednesday to Sunday, There will be rain and snowfall in the northwest of the province. The warning “is for prevent the possible storm of persistent rainfall find them in the heights of the mountain area with difficult access for assistance and aid.

The crianceros began transhumance with the arrival of autumn, starting from the summer fields towards the low fields of Neuquén, known as wintering grounds. They cross mountain ranges and valleys, accompanied by their animals.

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