Home Entertainment “The Way Love Should Be” hits Lai Kuanlin: Yang Ying is especially good at taking care of people jqknews

“The Way Love Should Be” hits Lai Kuanlin: Yang Ying is especially good at taking care of people jqknews

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“The Way Love Should Be” hits Lai Kuanlin: Yang Ying is especially good at taking care of people jqknews

The TV series “The Way Love Should Be” hits the air

New Express News reporter Liang Yanfen reported that the urban romance drama “The Way Love Should Be” is on the air. In the drama, Yang Ying and Lai Kuanlin stage a romantic and healing “sister and brother love” in their warm daily life. A few days ago, the actor Lai Kuanlin was interviewed by the media on WeChat and bluntly said that he was very happy to cooperate with Yang Ying this time.

“How Love Should Be” tells the story of Yin Yee, a 32-year-old beauty company manager with outstanding working ability, who always played the role of taking care of people until he reunited with Xu Guangxi, an animation designer who was 7 years younger than him. This childhood impression The little brother who has always been protected in her is now like a glimmer of light shining into her life, affecting her to become a braver and more loving person. Before she knows it, a sister-brother romance quietly sprouts.

The actor Xu Guangxi in the play is played by popular rising star Lai Guanlin. It is reported that in order to better fit the character’s image, Lai Kuanlin reduced his shape from 74kg to 63kg before joining the group. In the play, Xu Guangxi is very caring, especially caring about people, especially good to those he likes. Lai Kuanlin believes that there are 30% similarities with Xu Guangxi’s character: “I will also give maximum warmth to my friends and family, so I think there must be some similarities.” However, Lai Kuanlin felt that Xu Guangxi’s character was still a little too perfect: “When I watch the drama, I also think, hey, is it possible that such a person actually exists?”

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Regarding this “sister and brother love”, Lai Kuanlin believes that Xu Guangxi is more mature than her peers, and the heroine Yin Yi is different from her peers’ innocence. For each other, go for love. “I admire him very much. He is very brave. He pursues what he loves, and at the same time, he can get a result of ‘two-way running’.” Talking about this time with Yang Ying’s partner in “Sister and Brother Love”, Lai Kuanlin said with a smile, the most important thing is The point is to make the opponent’s actors feel comfortable: “How to say straight lines, how to make them more lifelike and rational, so that the opponent does not feel oppressed, this is more difficult to grasp.” He also said that this time with Yang Ying is very happy to cooperate: “Because my sister is very good at taking care of people, she always considers each other’s feelings first.”

“The Way Love Should Be” is a romantic love story. For Lai Kuanlin, many things in life are quite romantic, such as tasting a simple cup of coffee, wearing a new dress, or even going out for a delicious meal. It’s all romantic things. From singer to actor, Lai Kuanlin’s biggest feeling is that he gradually realized the importance of true listening, true seeing, and true feeling: “Especially sensibility, for an actor, it is really a rare trait. I dare not Said that I already have this trait, but I will work hard to acquire it.” Lai Kuanlin kept an open mind about the external evaluation: “From the audience’s perspective and feedback, I have seen some of my shortcomings and problems, and strive to improve next time. “

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