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The web drama “Datang Snacks” broadcasts surprises and the original soundtrack is online to help the delicious journey_Story

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Original title: The web drama “Datang Snacks” broadcasts surprises and the original soundtrack is online to help the delicious journey

The play tells the story of a food anchor who accidentally traveled to the Tang Dynasty. With his own special cooking skills that surpassed the dynasty, he joined hands with the hidden gang leader and the rich man who lived on the street. After opening a popular restaurant in Chang’an, they tasted life together. Taste and realize the story of beautiful love. Today, the original soundtrack of the web drama “Datang Snacks” is officially launched, traveling to the great land of the Tang Dynasty, enjoying the food of the Tang Dynasty, watching hilarious comedy, and feeling sweet and loving.

The delicious delicacies make the index finger move the silk and bamboo orchestras, which is endless aftertaste

The theme song “Chinatown Actress” is performed by Li Zixuan, and is produced by the well-known music producer Duan Lian. At the beginning of the song, the urging voices of the guest officials and the greetings of the store are one after another. The rhythm of the movie is intertwined with the splendid and lively melody, which vividly portrays the funny, joyous, relaxed and humorous plot characteristics. The lyrics are substituted from the first-person perspective, which outlines a beautiful encounter with a beautiful lady with jade appearance and beauty, and the song is borrowed The eyes of the characters stand by the side of Chinatown, appreciate the customs of the Tang Dynasty, appreciate the short-term affection with the beautiful woman, Li Zixuan’s sweet and flexible voice interpretation, the innocence of singing and meeting, and the sadness of the depression when they are parting. The delicate singing shows one by one, the unexpected encounter, the unforeseen parting, just like a dream, only this love is particularly true.

Zhou Pinqing’s vocal interlude “Collection”, and personally write the lyrics and music, as the producer, the song begins with a soothing and long string music, the gentle melody is played gently, and the long tune wraps the beautiful past, like protecting the unique Treasure, people don’t care where they are, just want to linger at this moment, and don’t want to leave. Zhou Pin’s deep and mellow voice sang softly, that my bravery and my strength are all because of you; your eyes and your appearance are my treasures. The magnetic and affectionate voice is intertwined with the delicate violin, and the singing reveals elegance and restraint. I don’t want to let the unconcealed throbbing interrupt my thoughts at the moment. I hope that the released emotion will rewrite the ending of the story. Love is the light that warms us and illuminates us. The way forward, you are my life’s collection, accompany me until it blooms.

Xibei Muzi sang the episode “The Beginning and End of the Love Story” with a surprise, produced by Duan Lian, a well-known music producer. The melody is slowly fainting, and the softly played strings are extraordinarily quiet, and the faint narrative style is blown away. Come, blow away the worldly mess, cover up the noise of the world, quietly listen to this love story. Xibei Muzi’s delicate and ethereal voice sang softly, interpreting the beginning and end of your and my love story, from strangeness to sorrow, sharing my joy; from acquaintance to heart-to-heart, feeling your sensitivity and fragility, and the water-like tune gradually surging. Bei Muzi’s singing became more and more affectionate, and his full emotions progressed layer by layer, “I love you, you love me, lucky not to miss it”, please rest assured to give me everything.

The episode “The Beginning and End of Love Story” is sung by Qinglong, and is produced by a well-known music producer Duan Lian. The song starts with a quiet and soothing melody, soft piano, long violin, and a strong sense of story. It looks like a novel whose plot goes from shallow to deep, and the plot is ups and downs. , Happy results. Qinglong’s gentle and mellow voice evokes emotions and sings every episode of the memories. You and I meet by fate, accompanied by bitterness and happiness, and stay together for life. The melodious tunes gradually aggravate with the progress of the story, and the deep emotions become more and more intense. With strong hair, Qinglong interprets the sweetness from unfamiliar to each other with moving singing. The beginning and end of the love story is fortunate for you and me.

Today, the original soundtrack of the web drama “Datang Snacks”, produced by Kaopu (Beijing) Music Co., Ltd., and marketing by Running Monster (Beijing) Culture and Entertainment Co., Ltd., has officially launched. Food and delicacies, gifted men and beautiful ladies went to the prosperous Tang together.Return to Sohu to see more


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