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The web drama “Prince Your Name” is launched with joy, “women chasing men” sand sculptures, hilarious and funny-qianlong.com.cn

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Source Title: The web drama “My Son, Your Last Name” was launched with joy, and “women chasing men” sand sculptures, hilarious and funny

November 16, produced by Beijing Benjia Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Annual Ring Film Culture Media Co., Ltd., iQiyi Novel, Beijing Infinite Free Culture Media Co., Ltd., Kangyou Culture Media (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., Beijing Produced by Yilin Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., Gong Meihui, Li Li, and Chen Xinjie are the chief producers, Wang Qiheng is directed, Jin Moxi, Meng En, Wu Chengze, Cai Xiangyu, Pan Luyu, etc. starring, and Chen Minghao’s special costume “Sugar” “The comedy “Prince Your Name” was officially launched in Hengdian.

The brain circuit Qingqi female overlord vs. the mouth is upright and cold, the young master is full of stalkers and comedy people are super good at playing

The web drama “The Young Master” is adapted from the popular novel “Drunk and Needs to Wait for the Lord to Help” by Ni Shiyi of iQiyi Literature. The head of Xuanqi Mountain, Li Chengyu (Meng En), embarks on a hilarious journey to find the “destined person”, grows up and reaps love, and joins forces to upgrade the “devil” story. After the female protagonist Tang Buyan appeared in a show of “parkour” to attract attention, she ended with a tragic wrestling, setting the tone of the “sand sculpture” throughout the show. The seemingly Yazheng protagonist Li Chengqi is a keen selling cute after drinking. “Big Baby”; when the audience thought that Yun Gaixue (played by Wu Chengze) would stage a battle with his brother Li Chengqi to seize his wife, they realized in a blink of an eye that this brother was actually a complete “brother control”, etc. Various signs showed that, ” “Prince Your Name” not only does not take an ordinary road, it is also very likely to overtake a car in a bend, and rush to the road of “He Abandoned Treatment”.

In order to create a different and happy experience for the public, the crew of “Prince Your Name” has been on the road of no return from the start of the comedian, vowing to carry the sand sculpture to the end. At the start-up ceremony, the protagonists had a lot of fun and posed for a group photo, one after another weird continuous shooting, for a time, the style of painting was refreshing, and it was hilarious. This extraordinary joyous operation, the official endeavor to present both the “sand sculpture spirit” and the “playing stalker king” “The story of an alternative costume sweet pet made people clap their hands and impressed the audience. It also quickly narrowed the distance between the show and the young audience, and the favorability was overwhelming.

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Reverse non-decent sweet pet + catching eyes and nonsensical headsman operation makes a “pig” cry out in minutes

A concept poster was also released on the same day for the web drama “Prince Your Name”. The comics are full of joy and are closely related to the funny tonality of the drama. The detached storyline subverts the routine narrative common in other similar dramas, and brings the audience a different joyful experience with the relaxed and humorous feeling full of comics. The production team accurately positioned the style concept of the whole drama in the initial stage of creation, the strong rivalry of the drama, the novel setting of the background, the brainwashing of the lines, the excessive cross-talk of the characters, and the imagination. Alternative martial arts battles, “The Lord Your Name” gathers many explosive elements, which is highly anticipated.

It is reported that the play will meet with the audience next year. With a super-concentration of comedy temperament and a super-gold content of the main creative lineup, what kind of sand sculpture sweet pet story will be brought about by “Prince Your Name”? let us wait and see!


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