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The world famous troupe returns to the Chinese stage_Guangming.com

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The world famous troupe returns to the Chinese stage_Guangming.com

After five years, the world-renowned Martha Graham Dance Company returned to the National Center for the Performing Arts, presenting two special performances of “Breaking Dawn·Future”. The picture shows that the dancers were rehearsing intensely yesterday afternoon.Photo by reporter Fang Fei

reporter Gao Qian

The large expanse of blue is like a wide sky, and the simple lines outline the outline of the house. In the wilderness of spring, a young couple builds a house with love and joy, and a pioneering woman with a dream comes to her place of promise… Last night, in Martha Graham’s most popular and influential creation In Appalachian Spring, one of his most famous works, the world-renowned Martha Graham Modern Dance Troupe kicked off the special performance “Dawn·Future”. After an absence of 5 years, the dance troupe finally returned to China and took the stage at the National Center for the Performing Arts.

The performance of “Breaking Dawn·Future” is composed of works with different styles and rich themes, fully showing the past glory and current style of this famous troupe: “Appalachian Spring” is concise and clear; the solo work “Instant Tragedy was written by Martha Graham in 1937 and has since been lost. In 2020, Janet Elber, the current artistic director of the dance company, restored it in an “archaeological style”. Limbs and tenacious dance steps reproduce the timeless spiritual power of Martha Graham’s works.

“Ode to the Innocent Comedian” was played at last. This work is based on the movement system and spiritual connotation of Martha Graham, and the chief choreographer, Emmy Award winner and Tony Award winner Sonia Tay is invited to lead the show, with 8 choreographers of different dance types and backgrounds. The Dancer is based on a revival of the 1952 original. On the stage with soft light and light smoke, the piano music is sometimes lyrical and sometimes passionate. The dancers wear fabric clothing made from recycled plastic products, and use their limbs to form images of the earth, the sun, the moon, and stars. Nature sends a song of praise.

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At the end of the performance, all the dancers came on stage, dancing the classic movements of the Martha Graham system together. They gradually gathered and then spun and dispersed. This dance troupe, which leads the development of modern dance, forges ahead through inheritance and nourishes the creative fertile soil of generations of choreographers.

Today, “Breaking Dawn·Future” will continue to be staged at the National Center for the Performing Arts, and the solo work “Instant Tragedy” will be performed by Xin Ying, the Chinese chief of the dance troupe.

责编:张晓荣 ]

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