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The youth inspirational drama “People Design” is launched today. Feng Man and Li Mier will take you to pursue your dreams in the entertainment industry! _China Net

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The youth inspirational drama “People Design” is launched today. Feng Man and Li Mier will take you to pursue your dreams in the entertainment industry! _China Net

The online drama “People Design” is officially launched on iQiyi and Tencent today. The drama is produced by Beijing Dongcheng Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Huaxia Jude Film and Television Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Huajude Film Distribution (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Qingdao Rolling Ball Film Co., Ltd., Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis Film and Television Industry Management Co., Ltd., Qingdao Overseas Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Feichi Growth (Beijing) Education Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Yikun Building Supporting Engineering Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Science and Art Culture Co-produced by Media Co., Ltd., exclusive promotion of 2bit Entertainment, 2bit Technology as the exclusive data strategy partner, adapted from the novel of the same name by Li Shanglong, directed and written by Han Jintu, art director Wang Xiaolie, Feng Man, Li Mier, Li Wu .

“Personal Design” tells the story of Shang Xin and Bai Wen who are about to leave the university campus. After experiencing the discomfort and confusion when they first entered the workplace, they still persist in their dreams, break through themselves, and grow out of the cocoon. The whole play focuses on the entertainment circle, using ordinary college student Shang Xin as the breaker, leading the audience to observe the madness of the entertainment circle and the impetuousness and vanity of current values ​​from a layman’s perspective. The male lead, Shang Xin, was originally a freshman in science and engineering. A coincidence brought him into contact with Wang Ziqi, a leading director in the industry. In order to recommend to him Bai Yueguang’s first love, Bai Wen, who dreams of becoming an actress, Shang Xin tried his best to attract the attention of the director. , who would have thought that his talent for comedy would make the director decide to cast him as the leading actor in a new play, and thus embarked on a journey of chasing his dream in the entertainment industry. A series of emotional entanglements also occurred.

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The youth inspirational drama

The series depicts many strange current situations in the entertainment industry, including unspoken rules, paparazzi candid shots, CP hype, contract couples, investment and drama, big-name cheating actresses, malicious competition among peers, etc., with extremely realistic and delicate strokes. The glamorous masks in the circle inspire the audience to think about “personal design”. But the main creative team’s ambitions for the play do not stop there. In addition to exposing the darkness, it also pays attention to workplace bullying, career bottlenecks of middle-aged actresses, marriage crises of strong women, and the gap between literary and artistic creation, public taste, and Internet data thinking. Social topics such as gaming are intended to show the family and career difficulties of the female group, the imbalance of the workplace ecology, and the interference of unprofessional forces in the entertainment industry, guide positive values ​​and energy, and call for the return of a healthy creative environment for the entertainment industry.

The youth inspirational drama

There is a gathering of outstanding actors and actresses in the play, and it has gathered three generations of powerful people, old, middle-aged and young. Among the young actors, the male protagonist Feng Man has participated in many popular works in the past. He has performed impressively in “Charlotte Annoyance”, “Moon Song Xing” and “Delicacy”. “Legend of the Decisive Battle” let us see the appearance of a young actor showing his talents; Li Mier, one of the heroines, has participated in “The Martial Universe” and “Come on!” TV dramas such as “Jasmine” have well controlled the heroine Bai Wen with a complex personality who is in trouble with her friends and who is timid when she encounters difficulties. Her acting skills have grown amazingly; “” “A Female Disciple Comes to the Imperial College” and other major dramas, in which she played the role of “Black Lotus” Zhou Yuqing, her ability to interpret and interpret characters is impressive. Mesozoic actors include Du Ziming and Ma Xiaoqian. The former has a lot of representative works. He has left a strong mark in popular works such as “Moscow Action” and “Remaining Sin”. The latter has a rich resume, “Charlotte Trouble The role of the elder sister in “The Sister” is particularly memorable. The second partner Feng Man plays the siblings. And when it comes to old drama bones, I have to mention Gong Hanlin and Li Mengnan, two old actors. Gong Hanlin is a well-known comedian with profound acting skills. Li Mengnan has debuted for more than 20 years and won several actor-level awards. His strength should not be underestimated.

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The youth inspirational drama

There are also master-level figures in the behind-the-scenes team of the crew. Art director Wang Xiaolie is a well-known director and photographer in the industry. The “Wolf Warrior 2”, “Yun Shui Ballad” and “Party A and Party B” he participated in creating are all famous works in Chinese film history. Wang Xiaolie is very optimistic about the serious value discussion of “People Design” under the comedy shell, and provided valuable advice on directors, scripts, art, photography and other links. The young director and screenwriter Han Jintu is familiar with comedy expression techniques, and accurately grasped the narrative style of “People” with tears in laughter and the spiritual core of reflection and criticism. An excellent realistic masterpiece of value orientation in the age of death.

“Personality” is a light comedy, but it is different from the common types of light comedy on the market. Whether you want to laugh out loud or look for deep thinking, it can satisfy you. The show is currently available on the dual platforms of iQiyi and Tencent Video, let’s catch up together!


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