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The Zagato dream, here is the Mostro Barchetta by Maserati

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The Zagato dream, here is the Mostro Barchetta by Maserati

ROME – The Mostro Barchetta Powered by Maserati makes its debut at the Concorso d’Eleganza in Villa d’Este: an open-air version of the famous coupé that the Milanese Atelier presented at the same exhibition in 2015 as a sports car inspired by the Maserati 450S Coupe Zagato. Car, the latter, built by the manufacturer in 1957 at the request of the driver Stirling Moss to participate in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and nicknamed the same “The Monster” given the combination of brutal power and refined aesthetics on the model. An unusual union re-proposed now also of the heir in a modern key without a roof which represents, according to the designers, “a perfect mix between the technology of the present and the past”.

Produced in only 5 units already sold, the Mostro Barchetta Powered by Maserati was in fact designed by Norihiko Harada, vice president of Zagato design, inspiring it in the proportions from the bodywork to the barchetta made by the Maserati brothers in the 1950s for the Trident brand and for OSCA It recalls the sinuous lines of speedboats (racing motorboats) and is characterized by the small and seamless wraparound windshield. While in the passenger compartment, with two dry seats, it reveals a pure sports attitude, ready to devour the curbs and chicanes of a track.

Under the exclusive dress, the Mostro Barchetta Powered by Maserati hides a carbon fiber monocoque, coupled to a steel rear subframe with the function of supporting the fuel tank and the exhaust system. In addition to racing equipment: including front and rear double wishbone suspensions with an adjustable push-rod type spring-shock absorber system. It weighs just 1,200 kilos and can count on 2 engines of Maserati origin to give the maximum, namely a naturally aspirated V8 4.2 and V6 3.0 biturbo with power from 420 to 630 HP. They are arranged in a front-central position, so as to ensure the best weight distribution (50-50), and are associated with a 6-speed sequential-mechanical racing gearbox with frontal engagement.

To give maximum freedom to the driver, the Mostro Barchetta Powered by Maserati does not employ any traction control, it also mounts a braking system with ventilated discs and 6 and 4 piston AP Racing calipers, hidden behind 19-inch single-nut alloy wheels, dressed from 255/40 R19 and 295/35 R19 tires.

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