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There is a lot of joy in the reunion in spring, and the first season of “I’ve Never Been in Love” welcomes a dreamy end jqknews

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There is a lot of joy in the reunion in spring, and the first season of “I’ve Never Been in Love” welcomes a dreamy end jqknews
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Who said that China-made Lianzong is never responsible for after-sales? The CP I hit is absolutely true! Youku’s first first love growth reality show “I Haven’t Been in Love” ushered in its final confession last week. The movie-style confession of the “Humanities” group and the ultimate BE aesthetics of the “Wisdom” group set off a wave of discussion, and everyone kowtowed. Said “I can’t see enough!” In the finale of this episode, they reunited after a four-month absence from dormitory life. They not only came to a “Spring Reunion Climbing Ladder”, but also came to the observation room to have a face-to-face chat with the guessing group. When looking back at the life of Mudan Village after 4 months, what kind of insights will they have, and what kind of mental journey will they uncover?

  The “Humanities” group made a sweet comeback and envy everyone, Cai Rui and Luo Zhiyang were very happy to meet and talk again

Although the villagers have been away from Mudan Village for four months, their contact with each other has not been interrupted. On the way to the party, Mao Mao revealed that he not only met Wen Ting’s friends after the show, but also took the same photo as her and set it as a couple background. Compared with the previous restraint and shyness, the two people who have been officially announced to be together are full of sweetness-they who first came to the meeting point naturally lived a two-person world, playing together. Small games, shaking the hammock, and watching the lake view… With the arrival of the villagers one after another, the “humanities” combination has also become the focus of everyone’s attention. In the past, Cao Ye sent soft candy to wish Mao Mao and Wen Ting “forever sweetness”, and then Cai Le directly called out their CP names. It turns out that the villagers of Peony Village are also ruthless sugar-eating machines!

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The last lighthouse confession is still fresh in our minds. The uneasy “wise” combination made everyone’s tears and made many people feel very sorry for the loss of the two. Cai Cai, who met with Luo Zhiyang again, was less awkward and more confident. The two with the highest curiosity score were automatically matched and enjoyed a pleasant painting time at the camp. When exchanging paintings, Cai Cai and Luo Zhiyang chatted about their dreams. She told Luo Zhiyang that she had resumed writing novels, and Luo Zhiyang also gave encouragement and support. Perhaps because of the broadcast of the show, Luo Zhiyang now knows that Cai Cai’s true thoughts are not as bland as they appear on the surface. After re-examining the relationship, he also began to pay attention to Cai Cai’s every move and patiently listen to Cai Cai’s voice. Luo Zhiyang also quietly buried an easter egg in his painting, leading Cai Cai to discover that the two stars were “together”. Although I don’t know if the “smart” combination will have a final result, but this kind of relationship can be regarded as “undercurrent”!

Apart from the bud of love, the 20-day friendship life in Mudan Village allowed the villagers to gain precious friendship. Happy friends Yang Shuochen and Cao Ye both returned, and the familiar “cross talk duo” would fight each other as soon as they opened their mouths, instantly dreaming back to the days when the villagers were still in the courtyard. This sweet, relieved and joyful “Spring Reunion Climbing Ladder” came to an end temporarily with the singing of He Yuxin’s original song “Peony Adventures”.

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  The studio of the villagers of Mudan Village “answers questions” to tell the truth, Cai Cai’s surprise change touches the guessing group

Since the ten episodes of the show, Guaixin Group has witnessed every confession of the villagers’ hearts, and also felt the sweetness and tangle of their first love. The gathering of the villagers of Peony Village is also to give a surprise to the Gu Xin Tuan who silently support everyone behind the scenes. Seeing the villagers visiting the studio for the first time, Zhong Chuxi, the number one CP fan of the “Humanities” group, was very excited and asked all the audience if they were happy. Although it was a bit shy to meet for the first time, Mao Mao told Zhong Chuxi firmly that “we are very happy”. Under the strong request of Gu Xintuan, Mao Mao and Wen Ting reproduced the famous scene of a conversation by the window of the cabin. With the guidance of fan-headed Zhong Chuxi, Mao Mao directly confessed to Wen Ting, “You are my sweetheart.” Not to mention guessing the heart, who can control her aunt’s laughter?

When faced with Luo Zhiyang, who was always incapable of guessing, Gu Xin Tuan finally asked the long-troubling question-what was Luo Zhiyang’s inner thoughts? Regarding everyone’s curiosity, Luo Zhiyang admitted that he was really looking for his first love with his sincerity, but he would not give it up. Every time he chooses, he follows his heart, but he is too easy to tangle and makes people unpredictable. This sincere analysis gave him a reasonable explanation for his previous behavior, and everyone couldn’t help applauding Luo Zhiyang’s frankness.

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What makes Guixin Tuan very happy are the changes of Cai Cai and Yang Shuochen. When asked if they would be single for a long time, Cai Cai decisively chose “NO”, and Yang Shuochen immediately made the same choice after struggling. Although the journey of chasing love in Peony Village did not allow them to gain their first love, they also fought for their hearts. Just as all the villagers thought that they had grown up and did not regret the confession they made at the time, they believed that this unforgettable experience would definitely become a treasure in their life.

In order to thank the Chaixin Tuan for their constant company, the villagers sent their final confession to them. All along, the guests in the observation room, like all the audience, have witnessed the little progress and growth of the lovers, and have repeatedly expressed that they seem to see their past selves in them. Now, Gu Xin Tuan, who is also very enlightened, has formally said goodbye to the lovers in the form of heartfelt messages, and sent each villager a farewell letter from their PD director, giving the show a full sense of ceremony. A perfect ending.

From the first day I came here with a confession letter for my unknown first love, to now I leave with a farewell letter written by a witness. The villagers have grown a lot during their journey in the past few months. They have experienced heartbeats, experienced sourness, and gained sweet first love or precious friendship. From now on, they will continue to start their new lives without the camera. I don’t want to say goodbye. Next season, we will continue to meet in Peony Village!

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