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There is a show in Zhou Zhou | The British National Theatre drama “Romeo and Juliet” is coming_chorus_music_works

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Original title: Zhou Zhou has a show to watch | The British National Theatre drama “Romeo and Juliet” is here

Is there a good show this week? Drama “The Avenue”, “Opinions on the Life of Two Dogs”, “Between Man and Mouse”, dance drama “The Electric Wave That Never Elapses”, Huangmei Opera “emblemPast Events in the State”, famous artists of Chaozhou music perform with Guangdong National Orchestra······

Gu Yinzheng, the gospel of “Jiaojiren”! Masters of Chaozhou music join hands with the Guangdong National Orchestra to give you the purest and authentic Chaozhou music.Chaozhou music retains the legacy of the Tang and Song dynasties and is known as ChinaRighteous, Green melody, increasingly the world‘s attention.Xinghai Concert Hall “Music Lingnan” series third concert, “Southern Drum King” Chen Zuohui, “National Intangible Cultural Heritage (Chaozhou Music) Provincial Representative Inheritor” Wang Peiyu, Ruan Xian performer Xie Shengyi, Chinese Music Art Researchexpert, Zheng performer Chen Junhui will join hands with the Guangdong National Orchestra to present a feast full of Chao music charm.

Castle in the Sky-Hayao Miyazaki’s Hisaishiro Classic Anime Concert

Time: January 8

Location: Xinghai Concert Hall

“The classics of Joe Hisaishi meets Hayao Miyazaki’s fairy tales”, a fantasy concert was staged at the Xinghai Concert Hall.In this Summer, taking a paper airplane, starting from Howl’s moving castle, crossed the Valley of the Wind with Chihiro, and wandered with the witchmysteryIn the city of the sky, the innocent and childlike My Neighbor Totoro is flying on the carousel…Thank you for the collision of the music masters and the animation masters for the classic sparks that have been handed down. It has created many beautiful memories in our childhood, and now it will be again For you and portray the eternity in a memory.

Guangzhou City Chorus Association Pearl River Chorus 2022 Spring Festival Concert

Time: January 9

Location: Xinghai Concert Hall

On the evening of January 9, 2022, the “Guangzhou Chorus Association Pearl River Chorus 2022 Spring Festival Concert” will be held in Xinghai Concert Hall. The performance lineup of this concert is strongly assembled. The five presidents and vice presidents of Guangzhou Chorus Association: Miao Xiangyang, Zhang Xin, Lai Yuankui, Chang Qing, and Deng Qun will lead the Pearl River Chorus to perform 12 classic choral works and 5 new creations. The chorus works bring an audio-visual feast to the audience. The concert singing style contains mixed chorus and male chorus. In addition to sonorous and powerful works, there are also soft and soft music, such as “Old Wharf”, “I’m Like Snow Comes to the Sky”, “Pinghu Autumn Moon” and other repertoires that do not lose emotional power; “Dan Ge Xing”, “Nian Nu Jiao · Chibi” adapted from ancient Chinese poems “Nostalgia” and other modern choruses that promote a high degree of national cultural self-confidence; as well as choral works such as “Hulunbuir Prairie” and “China in Lights” adapted from popular music, both heroism and tenderness allow everyone to experience different styles of national music.

Drama “The Avenue”

Time: January 4-January 9

Venue: No. 13 Theatre, Guangzhou Dramatic Art Center

“The Avenue” adopts the “three-line parallel” theatrical structure, the “historic nature” of the development history of 1G-5G human civilization, the “documentary nature” of the rise of China’s communications technology represented by “Guoxun”, and “especially“Daosheng”‘s “dramatic” and “three-line” narrative of the ups and downs of lifeNarrateGo hand in hand to form the unique narrative of “The Avenue”NarrateBody drama.Infiltrated from the openness and tolerance of Lingnan culture, it has risen in the forefront of Guangdong coastal opportunities;DeceivedThe ridiculous life of two million that caused the wives to disperse, to the leading Chinese telecom company’s thrivingHead; Start from scratch and fight for a departmenttelephoneTo the high-tech upstart leading independent innovation; from sneaking intointernationalityThe dormant accumulation of the market, to the blockbuster technological battle with the American giants;especiallyDaosheng and other institutionsleadWhat the “Guoxun” and “Guoxun people” have experienced are the wisdom flashes of the rapid development of China’s communication technology for more than 30 years.

Berlin Theater Festival in China 2021 specialVersionHD Screening: “Humiliation of Humans” at the Munich Indoor Theater

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Time: January 9

Venue: Experimental Theater of Guangzhou Grand Theater

“Humiliation of Humankind” presents the cycle of images, overlapping and continuous images create a mixed space of change and interlacing among museums, zoos and laboratories.Inspiration for this workFromSigmund Freud’s concept of “human humiliation” is the loss of human superiority. This work is devoted to discussing a more basic question: Who is a human being? “Humiliation of Humanity” shows a desire for performance, organization, and understanding, describingNarrateGot a selfalreadySociety replaced by the past.

Meng Jinghui’s drama “Opinions on the Life of Two Dogs”

Time: January 7-January 8

Venue: Guangdong Friendship Theater

Two dogs leave their hometown and enter the city. They are looking for a happy life and a great ideal. However, the world in the city is not as they think.pictureIt’s so beautiful…After running into a wall, they have various opinions about life. These opinions are survival problems that their simple and pure minds cannot understand. In order to be able to eat a bite to eat, Laifu and Wangcai performed in the street, participated in the celebrity show, entered the entertainment industry, and became security guards. They were adopted by the rich and abandoned. In the face of life, no matter how hard life is, you must go on bravely!

“Gulou West Comes to the West of the Pearl River”: Drama “Between Man and Mouse”

Time: January 5-January 8

Venue: Experimental Theater of Guangzhou Grand Theater

“Between Man and Mouse” is the masterpiece of John Steinbeck, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and Nobel Prize in Literature. It is hailed as a true national novel of the United States.Most“The Book of Challenges”, the British BBC readers voted as one of the “British 100 Favorite Novels”. As an immortal literary work, “Between Man and Mouse” has been adapted into film and television works many times. Following “The Beauty of Li Nanshan” Director Zhang Tong once again joined hands with Gulou West Theater to challenge this Nobel literary classic. Following the poem “Caero”, the popular singer Ye Yuhan once again set foot on the stage of the drama, playing the role of a triangle. There is also the cross of painter Xue Jiye. boundaryJoinBring a different aesthetic experience.

“Heavy Comedy” “If you are well, then you have it”

Time: January 9

Venue: Grand Grand Theater, Guangzhou

A well-known detective, if he solemnly treats himselfalreadyReasoning to become a murderer, everyone is convinced thatalreadyI can’t refute it; if I put my belovedwomanReasoning to derailment; reasoning that police officers would not use handcuffs; reasoning that the city is a smog; reasoning that a puppy no longer urinates casually; reasoning that southerners should eat noodles every day; reasoning that northerners should eat sweet tofu ; Reasoning the audience to the roar of laughter… Whether he did it intentionally or unintentionally, or some people think that the detective is well, that’s okay.

Dance Drama “The Electric Wave That Never Elapses”

Time: January 7-January 9

Venue: Opera Hall, Guangzhou Grand Theater

The dance drama “The Electric Wave That Never Elapses”, based on “100 people stand out for the founding of New ChinaOne of the “contributory heroes and model” characters-Li Bai, based on the true story of Li Bai’s martyrs, with highly condensed dance drama narrative, beautiful image expression, flexible freehand stage scenery and the tense suspense of spy warfare, reappears for our party The heroic image of a heroic sacrifice in the cause of national liberation. The whole play starts a latent career in Shanghai from Li Xia and Lan Fen pretending to be a husband and wifeStart, For 12 years, they walked on the blade of life and death every day, secretly using radio waves to transmit information. In the splendid Shanghai, who is the enemy and who is the friend? Surrounded by secret arrows and cold spears, countless comrades are brave enough to die, but they can only swallow their tears. With silent muzzles and tense chasing, Li Xia and his wife walked through hardships all the way. “Heaven” is about to light up, but a life or death decision is ushered in. Calmly sent out the last telegram, Li Xia smiled and sacrificed!


2021 Futian Huangmei Opera Art Festival: “emblemState History

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Time: January 3-January 4

Venue: Shenzhen Grand Theater

emblem“Reminiscence of the State” is an original stage play of Huangmei Opera created by Zaifen Huangmei Theater for 6 years. The play focuses on the aesthetic habits of modern audiences.womanA life of ups and downs, speakingNarrateA thought-provoking story.

The complete version of the drama “A Dream of Red Mansions”

Time: January 7-January 9

Venue: Shenzhen Poly Theater

A masterpiece, the four seasons of spring and autumn, how many fate, the whole red mansion, tells the rise and fall of the Jia family, and writes everything about you and me.

This is the “Dream of Red Mansions” you want, and the “Dream of Red Mansions” you can’t think of. The drama “A Dream of Red Mansions” is full of poetry and charm, and is a contemporary aesthetic and interpretation. The whole play is composed of “Wind Moon and Prosperity” (upper part) and “Sorrowful Birds Return” (lower part). It is extremely happy, sad, sudden change, devastating, full of vicissitudes of time, cold and warm human feelings, true and pure, people and things. , True and False, Rise and Fall, Dream and Reality, Past and Future are all intertwined all the time.The six-hour scroll-style presentation slowly unfolds the dream of Red Mansions in the prosperous, wealthy and sorrowful panic, allowing us to stand in mid-air and reconsider the classics, and appreciate in the white illusion.ExtremeOf contemporary Chinese aesthetics.

Happy twisttrump cardThe hilarious stage play “The Earl of Wulong Mountain”

Time: January 7-January 9

Location: Futian Cultural and Sports Center

The protagonist of the show has no house, no car, no girl, no looks, no savings, no job. On his thirtieth birthday, he accidentally gets a check for one million dollars. The protagonist is about to become a millionaire. He dreams about his wealth in the future, but encounters an unreliable bank manager and a group of unreliable robbers.Afterwards, our protagonistbafflingHe was mistaken for a robber and a murderer. All those who knew the truth were killed one after another. He was wanted by the police and fled to Wulong Mountain.StartSelf-salvation and a series of laughable revenge plans…

Happy Twice Annual Drama “The Great Daddy”

Time: January 7-January 9

Venue: Shenzhen Happy Mahua Hongshan Theater

In the 1990s, self-employed old Lai relied onAncestralThe toilet making process has becomeNationwideThe first “toilet king”.But it’s oldsonTo sever the relationship between father and son with him.In order to saveson, Lao Lai rushed to the hospital and found Shi Guangyao, the small boss of the leather bag company. Shi Guangyao and his Shikumen F40%memberStartTraining for Lao Lai quickly made him a “great daddy” from all aspects.Lao Lai HesonHow can this period of “evil fate” be released?

High-definition screening performance-Broadway musical “Being a Strange Doctor”

Time: January 8

Venue: Shenzhen Poly Theater

World-renowned for 24 years, with 21 languagesVersionBen, what you’re about to see right now is the original Broadway musicalVersionThe official high-definition video produced!thisVersionProduced and recorded at the Plymouth Theatre (now Gerald Schonfield Theatre). The famous American TV star David Hasselhoff (David Hasselhoff) This makes his Broadway debut, and at the same time plays the respected doctor Jack and the notorious murderer Hyde, especially the appearance of evil spirits.In-depth discussion on human nature and ethicstodayPeople once again discovered the 19th century horror novel “The Transfiguration Doctor” (also translated as “Jack and Hyde” and “Dr. Incarnation”) written by the British novelist Robert Louis Stevenson (Robert Louis Stevenson).musicalVersion“Turn into a Strange Doctor” adds elements of love, desire, and murder to the individual’s struggle between good and evil, and unearths this fascinating story of dual personality and itsbehindDeep proposition.

classicVersion“Secret Love in Peach Blossom Spring”

Time: January 8

Venue: Shenzhen Pingshan Grand Theater

“Secret Love in Peach Blossom Spring” talksNarrateA peculiar story: “Secret Love” and “Peach Blossom Spring”, two unrelated crews, both signed a contract for the rehearsal that night with the theater. As the performance was about to begin, the two parties had to rehearse in the theater at the same time, which resulted in a stage spectacle of relative sorrow and joy in ancient and modern times. “Secret Love” is a modern tragedy. The young men and women Jiang Bin Liu and Yun Zhifan met in Shanghai due to the war, and they were separated due to the war. The two fled to Taiwan by accident, but they did not know each other. They were only able to fall in love after 40 years. When I met, a man and a woman had been married for many years, and Jiang Binliu was on the verge of death. “Peach Blossom Spring” is a period comedy. Chunhua, wife of Wuling fisherman Lao Tao, had an affair with his landlord, Boss Yuan, and Lao Tao ran away from Taohuayuan; when he returned to Wuling, Chunhua had married Boss Yuan and had children.At this time, the theater suddenly went out of power, a crazy looking for a boyfriendwomanCalling her boyfriend’s name and ran across the theater…

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UKnationTheater play “Romeo and Juliet”

Time: January 9

Venue: Shenzhen Poly Theater

BeingfamilyEntrapped by feuds and violent conflicts, Romeo and Juliet, who love each other desperately, will also desperately rush to their fate. Director Simon Goodwin, who is very good at modern adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays, has regained this classic after directing the critically acclaimed “Twelfth Night” and “Anthony and Cleopatra” in 90 minutes Time has created a brisk and sincere modern love tragedy, in which desires, dreams and destiny collide.

Xue Yingjia and String Quintet Interpretation • Beethoven Piano Concerto Complete Works I

Time: January 9

Venue: Multifunctional Hall, Shenzhen Esplanade Art Center

“Xue Yingjia and String Quintet Perform Beethoven Piano Concerto Concert” led by pianist Xue Yingjia, five domestic string players will jointly perform the chamber music version of Beethoven’s Piano Concerto, paying tribute to the classic works of St. Beethoven and interpreting contemporary Classical vitality.

“City of Philharmonic” Classic Film Music Audiovisual Concert Shenzhen Station

Time: January 9

Location: Shenzhen Concert Hall

A classic movie, every moving melody, will evoke your infinite reverie about the colorful world of images, make people feel surging, and have a lot of thoughts; each movie theme song is a world classic, which brings us back to that era. This performance combines the classic movies “City of Philharmonic” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”, and “Star Wars” that once created a box office myth. There is also the popular anime film “Frozen” that is still popular all over the world and continues to be shown. , Coupled with the beautiful romantic movie “City of Philharmonic”, this unique concert will surely win the favor of movie lovers and music lovers.


Happy twist and hilarious stage play “Charlotte Troubles”

Time: January 8

Venue: Grand Theater, Shunde Performing Arts Center, Foshan City

The wedding of the old school Hua Qiuya is luxurioushotelIt was grandly held. Charlotte, the hero who once had a crush on her, looked at the old classmates who had successful careers around her, with a sour taste in her heart. He was drunk and rioted at the wedding, but he fell asleep on the toilet after venting…

In the dream, he returned to high school, took revenge on the teacher who had humiliated him, pursued his beloved girl, letDisappointedHis mother smiled again and even became a well-known writer, musician, and Internet celebrity. A series of incidents happened at an incredible speed. He desperately told selfalreadyThis is a dream, but I can’t wake up…

Shanghai Ballet’s classic ballet “Swan Lake”

Time: January 6-January 7

Venue: Foshan Grand Theater-Grand Theater

“Swan Lake”, from 1895 to the present, has won the favor of the world ballet for more than 120 years. It exudes a pure breath that is irresistible to the world, possesses dazzling skills that challenge dancers, and leads the world. The classic style of ballet art.

Shanghai Ballet introduces classicsVersion“Swan Lake”, invited choreographer, former BritishnationThe artistic director of the ballet, Derek Dean, came to guide him to create a sea of ​​swan in the Chinese ballet world. Star dancers with aura and a huge lineup of geese present poetic praise to the art classics that have been circulating for more than 120 years.

Southern Metropolis reporter Zhou Peiwen and intern Chen YueReturn to Sohu to see more


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