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There was a problem with the schedule adjustment, Na Eun did not participate in the schedule of Apink’s new album | Son Na Eun | The Epoch Times

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[Epoch Times, January 17, 2022](Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin reported) IST Entertainment, the agency of the popular Korean girl group Apink, announced through Apink’s official SNS on the evening of the 17th that due to schedule problems, in addition to album photo shooting and MV In addition, member Son Naeun will not participate in activities related to Apink’s special album, which is expected to be released in February.

IST Entertainment, under the title “About the activities related to Apink’s special album in February”, said in the announcement that it would report to you the situation of Apink’s album released in February through the company’s pre-report and fan meeting in the past.

The announcement stated that in order to release Apink’s special 10th anniversary special album, IST Entertainment prioritized activities in the form of six people in terms of schedule adjustment and communication. However, due to unexpected schedule adjustments, the February special album was released. In addition to the album photo shoot and MV, all the activities will be carried out by Chorong, Bomei, Eunji, Namjoo and Ha Young. IST Entertainment stated at the end of the announcement that it hoped that fans who were waiting for Apink would understand this matter. (Click to see the announcement

On the 18th, YG Entertainment also announced that Naeun was not able to coordinate the schedule for her next work, so she will not be able to participate in Apink’s special album activities other than the cover shoot and MV. YG Entertainment also conveyed Naeun’s words, “Although it is regrettable that we cannot participate in this event due to schedule issues, please support the special album and the members.”

Son Na-eun left Apink’s agency in April last year and signed with YG Entertainment in May of the same year, but she is still a member of Apink and participated in the “2021 Apink Fanmeeting ‘Pink Eve'” fan meeting held on December 31 last year.

Apink’s previous work was the ninth mini-album “LOOK” released in April 2020. Last year, Apink celebrated the tenth anniversary of its debut. During this period, fans continued to wait for Apink to release a new album as a complete group. Not only that, but the company also stated at the end of last year that Apink is preparing to return to the music scene as a complete group of six in February.

For this reason, the company announced that Na Eun will not participate in Apink’s group schedule other than album photos and MVs, which disappointed and surprised many fans, and wrote “It’s really a pity” and “It’s really difficult for different companies to be together” through the Internet. , “Waited for two years but waited until ‘sudden problems due to schedule adjustment'”, “I really hope to see the six return together” and other messages, expressing regret.

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