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There was an agreement with eventual parties and the blockade was lifted in Social Development of Neuquén

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There was an agreement with eventual parties and the blockade was lifted in Social Development of Neuquén

Temporary workers from the Family area of ​​the Ministry of Social Development of Neuquén blocked this Tuesdays access to the portfolio headquarterson the corner of Planas and Anaya in the provincial capital, demanding definitions regarding their contractual situation and the lack of payment of salaries.

After a new meeting with the area authorities, the blockade was lifted and It was agreed to renew at least 200 contracts that will also change modality.

In dialogue with Diario RÍO NEGRO, Yara Martínez, one of the workers’ representatives, confirmed the information and explained that they decided to end the force measure given the promise of an imminent resolution with the extension of the contracts.

Originally, the woman specified, the provincial governmentHe had reported that he had a list of 140 peoplewhose contracts would be renewed so that they can continue working in each of the units.

However, this form was objected to by the temporary workers, who demanded know who was part of it and who was not. “It was a list for the entire province, so many were left out,” added the reference.

The situation was raised in the meeting this afternoon with the Family coordinator, Claudia Mesplatere and other provincial directorates. Over there, The extension of the list from 140 to “close to 203” was agreed upon, Martínez said.

The worker announced that the resolution “would have to come out now” and if it excludes “colleagues who have been working for years,” Another meeting will be requested and the reasons for the cancellation of these contracts will be clarified.

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Another of the agreed points, said the referencewas the change of modality of the eventualso that they are now hired until the end of the current management or that their transfer to a permanent staff is decided.

Social Development of Neuquén and eventualities, a repeated conflict

As explained by Iara Martínez, one of the representatives, in dialogue with LU5, the contracts were extended until February 29but that after that date they were not presented with definitions regarding their contractual situation.

«They tell us that there is a list of 140 possible, that the family coordinator supposedly has it and she has to provide a solution so that the resolution is signed and issued so that we can continue working,” Martínez said.

The measure began this morning, Workers block the entrance to the building on Anaya and Planas streets. “Although she has that list of 140 people, we want to know who is there, because it is a list of the entire province, there are people who are surely not there,” said the reference.

There are more than 230 temporary workers in this situation. According to reports, the protest will continue until the Family coordinator, Claudia Mesplatere, talks with them.

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