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These watches can be recognized at a glance without a logo|Watch|Fashion|logo_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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These watches can be recognized at a glance without a logo|Watch|Fashion|logo_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

Original title: These watches can be recognized at a glance without a LOGO!

Author: Wanwatch Watch Exchange

In addition to LOGO, many watch brands themselves will have some iconic designs. The design is classic and chic enough to impress people, and sometimes you can even tell which brand of watch you are wearing with just a glance.


  Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Collection

When it comes to this topic, the first thing that comes to mind is Audemars Piguet.

The Royal Oak series launched in 1972, with its iconic stainless steel case, octagonal bezel, one-piece strap and unique plaid decoration, quickly became popular on the watch bezel. Until today, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak still has quite a reputation. High influence, is one of the hottest watches in the watch circle.


  Blancpain Fifty Fathoms

Known as the “father of modern diving watches”, the Fifty Fathoms series is one of Blancpain’s most representative watches.

A fathom is a British unit of length, roughly referring to the length of the outstretched arms, 1 fathom is equivalent to about 1.8288 meters.

Fifty Fathoms is characterized by its first rotatable sapphire bezel, which is the world‘s first modern diving watch. Although most brands of diving watches use a similar design, the Fifty Fathoms will always remain the most classic. the one.


  Cartier blue balloon series

Every Cartier watch has an intriguing historical story behind it, and the hot-selling blue balloon series is one of them.

In 1783, the Montgolfier brothers escaped gravity in a homemade blue hot air balloonflightTimebetweencan last8 minutes long,The first flying machine in human history.

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Inspired by this, Cartier created the blue balloon series watch, which innovatively designed a cabochon blue sapphire crown. The distinctive appearance design can be recognized at a glance even from a distance.

In addition, Cartier’s Santos, tanks, cheetahs and many other designs also maintain a high degree of recognition. In terms of brand characteristics, Cartier can understand it~


  Omega Constellation Series

In addition to the Speedmaster watches that often “accidentally” show their faces in various 007 movies, if you want to talk about Omega’s most recognizable watch, it has to be the Constellation series.

This mainly depends on the special design of its 4 claws. It was originally just to fix the mirror, but I didn’t expect this claw design to be particularly popular with fans because of its unique beauty.

Of course, the claws are not completely “vase”, functionally speaking, they can guarantee waterproof properties. Today this design is retained in the vast majority of watches in the Constellation series.


  Panerai Lumino series

  existwindtend tosimilarIn the bezel of the watch, it has a strong characteristicPaneraiarguably“differentkind”.Exaggerated size, coupled with the design of the huge bridge protection, it is almost a very difficult thing to ignore the existence of Panerai.

It is regarded as the ceiling in the “big watch”. Panerai can display the decent things that are tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands without any cover. In terms of attracting attention, it can be said to be unparalleled. right.

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