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They assure that they already have closed contracts in Roca and Bariloche

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They assure that they already have closed contracts in Roca and Bariloche

The complicated situation in school transportation in five special educational establishments in Roca and San Carlos de Bariloche it seems that he was prosecuted in the last hours, as explained this morning from the Ministry of Education and Human Rights of the province of Río Negro.

Last week, parents and relatives of students from the Special School No. 1 and Labor School No. 2 de Roca carried out a strong claim in the Education delegation, in Roca, and demanded from the authorities the start-up of the school transport service for students who -in many cases- have severe mobility pathologies.

A similar situation arose in San Carlos de Bariloche. LThe educational community of Special School No. 6, Labor School No. 6 and Special School No. 19, He also made a similar claim considering that the students had not been able to start the school year due to lack of mobility. The claim reached the Governor Arabela Carreras herself, since on one of the visits to that city, CTA leaders insisted on the request.

This morning was the administration secretary, Miguel Cruzwho provided details of the process that they are carrying out and that forced them to look for new service providers for these educational establishments.

In the case of Roca, he explained that the transport companies that won the tender last year had a renewal clauseno. «All the companies accepted except the one that was the provider of that service. Just today – 15 minutes ago – we received a new proposal, so we are concluding the process so that it begins to provide services as soon as possible, “said the provincial official.

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The refusal to renew the service allows them to make a “direct contracting” although all the administrative procedures of the companies must also be carried out that provide services.

The situation is similar in the three educational establishments in Bariloche, according to the official who also remarked that they go through the same administrative process. “The quotes were already presented on Friday,” he said.

“The budget part is already there and we send the complete lists to the administrative areas that must review these contracts,” said Cruz, who clarified that they do not have a date for the start-up of the transport, although he stressed that it will be in the shortest possible time to allow the Students can attend classes normally.

They analyze filing an amparo

In Bariloche The lack of school transport for special schools affects three establishments with different realities because in some cases there are guaranteed routes, but not all students with mobility problems are covered.

the guild Unter, together with parents from the educational communities, demands that the school transport service be normalized since many students with disabilities could not start classes before this situation and this situation was also brought up last week to Governor Arabela Carreras when she was intercepted in an act by CTA leaders.

In the Special School 6 lacks adapted transport although there are some guaranteed routes, as in Special School 19, where the teachers’ union denounced that there are few routes because the bidding documents were poorly prepared due to the ignorance of the modality of student attendance.

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In the Escuela Laboral 6, which is also attended by students with disabilities, the situation is more serious because there is no type of school transport since the beginning of the 2023 school yeartherefore many students could not start classes until now.

parent groups They were evaluating for these hours to promote an action for protection so that the State guarantees school transportation for students with mobility problems who require this service to get to school.

They question the lack of planning by the School Board to resolve transportation before the start of classes and the consequences that this unequal situation generates in the boys.

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