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They cut the Neuquén Metrobus because the garrafero truck did not pass

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They cut the Neuquén Metrobus because the garrafero truck did not pass

Neighbors of several settlements (some already regularized) in western Neuquén, cut the Metrobus, preventing the transit of buses and individuals as a form of claim because the truck that supplies bottles to the sector did not pass and the families could not assist themselves with the resources used for heating and cooking. They denounce that it is something that happens every year. At night, a Social Action official assured them that this Wednesday the truck would pass through the sector with bottles and the measure was lifted.

“We are not going to move until 12 at night if they do not answer us” Verónica, one of the neighbors who claims on Avenida del Trabajador, had recounted.

The woman spoke earlier with DIARIO RÍO NEGRO and explained that many of the people have the bonus that Social Action from the Municipality gives them, for the delivery of up to two jugs per family. “Others do not have the benefit, but they also ran out of their carafe,” he explained.

Regarding the measure, he argued at the time that “it is the only thing that can be done”, since they tried to contact the truck, with authorities from the municipality and also from the province “but no one answered.” He even reported that the Police tried to communicate, but they could not find someone who could provide a solution.

Residents of western Neuquén cut the Metrobus.

The expenses of not having the natural gas service

The woman, who lives alone with her daughter, explained how difficult and expensive it can be to try to heat a home. “I live with my daughter who has respiratory problems and although the smoke is bad for her, firewood is the first option I have”recounted Verónica, a neighbor of the Pacific extome.

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Firewood price: the neighbors told that they get a bin of firewood at 15 thousand pesos and that this lasts (with a lot of administration) only a week. The cost per month reaches 60 thousand pesos.

Light price: The other option that is used to try to heat the environments is the use of electric lamps and hot/cold air conditioners. In this case, the families that block traffic detailed that at home they are receiving electricity bills that exceed 20 thousand pesos.

Gas bottle price: Finally, those who must be forced to buy bottles without any type of benefit, they have to deal with the lack of stock at the points of sale and also with the high prices that the resale market in the west offers. Bottles of 10 kilos are available from 2,800 pesos, even reaching 3,200 in some places.

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