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They denounced Alberto Fernández officials and these are the charges

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They denounced Alberto Fernández officials and these are the charges

In the usual press conference, Manuel Adorni, presidential spokesperson, revealed the details of a complaint filed by the government against the management of the ANSES, during the mandate of Alberto Fernández. The accusation pointed to alleged irregularities in the contracting of insurance, involving former officials, with special emphasis on Federico D’Angelo Campos. The charges cover fraud, abuse of authority, negotiation incompatible with public office and embezzlement of funds.

This morning, Manuel Adorni provided details about a complaint filed by the National Government against the authorities of the National Social Security Administration (ANSES) during the administration of Alberto Fernández. The complaint, advanced by Infobae at the end of Februarypointed to alleged irregularities in the contracting of insurance and was brought to justice to begin an exhaustive investigation.

Adorni specified the charges in the complaint, which include fraud in the public administration, abuse of authority, violation of the duties of public officials, negotiation incompatible with the exercise of public office, influence peddling and embezzlement of public funds. This legal action focuses particularly on Federico D’Angelo Campos, former head of the ANSES Sustainability Guarantee Fund (FGS) during the period under review.

Former official D’Angelo Campos, current councilor for Unión por la Patria in Quilmes, will face specific accusations related to the alleged damage to the National State due to commissions and intermediation costs in insurance policies contracted at Nación Seguros. The complaint raised questions about whether D’Angelo purchased insurance coverage using unjustified intermediaries and paying commissions to the detriment of the public treasury.

The internal investigation that led to this complaint intensified after the publication of a column by Ricardo Roa in Clarín, where it was mentioned that Osvaldo Giordano, before being fired from the ANSES by Javier Milei, had dismantled an alleged opaque business of insurance companies and politicians from various parties. However, the names mentioned in this report, such as Héctor Martínez Sosa and Pablo Torres García did not appear in the official complaint presented by the Government.

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Giordano, who assumed control of ANSES in December 2023, revealed that at the beginning of his management, $1.7 billion were paid monthly to Nación Seguros. In less than 60 days, chose not to renew that contract, arguing that another system would save 40% of the budget.

Despite his knowledge of the decision not to renew the contract, Giordano said he did not know details about the route of money from intermediaries investigated in the complaint.

Judge Julián Ercolini is in charge of the judicial case related to these alleged fraudulent practices. The file began from a complaint that includes former president Alberto Fernández, Héctor Martínez Sosa, former head of Nación Seguros, Alberto Pagliano, former head of Nación Seguros, and the broker Pablo Torres García, among others.

The complaint is based on the suspicion that the Government, through a decree, created a captive market by ordering that all official departments and central administration agencies contract their coverage with Nación Seguros. This would have enabled the participation of private companies as producers or co-insurers, generating permanent, multimillion-dollar contracts and commissions.

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