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They found in jail a hidden message addressed to César Sena and a bank receipt for one million pesos

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They found in jail a hidden message addressed to César Sena and a bank receipt for one million pesos

And hidden message simile cipher and a Bank statement of a million pesos from Banco del Chaco were discovered by a jailer in the possession of a relative who intended to visit César Sena in the Resistencia Penitentiary Complex 1, where he is arrested for the crime of his partner Cecilia Strzyzowski.

The discovery occurred last Friday but it was only made known this Tuesday, July 11, as a result of a letter sent by the Penitentiary Service to the prosecutors in the case.

Mariano Sena was going to visit his brother César to bring you hygiene items and food. But the defendant is not allowed to authorize visits and there is a rigorous control in his detention conditions.

When prison staff reviewed Mariano Sena’s belongingsIn addition to hygiene items and food, they found a notebook inside which there was something that caught their attention.

Cesar Sena.

It was about a ticket with a bank withdrawal made by Marcelino Barrios of one million pesos from Banco del Chaco on October 17 of last year.

The beneficiaries were nothing more and nothing less than Emerenciano Seine and his wife Marcela Acuña.

The prison officers seized that voucher and a note, which at first glance was not noticeable because it was written on one of the pages of the notebook without ink, with which it was a kind of encrypted writing.

Cecilia Strzyzowski case: they found more charred bone remains in the Tragadero river

Its content began to be analyzed by experts in the case to elucidate what was the message that his brother wanted to deliver to César.

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It is not the first time that someone from the Sena family tries to outwit the prison authorities and receive a hidden message. Emerenciano Sena tried it through his sister who brought him a letter but, as on this occasion, the authorities detected it.

Key week for the Cecilia Strzyzowski case: expert opinions will be carried out and the procedural situation of the accused will be determined

The recent claim of Cecilia Strzyzowski’s mother before the Justice

Gloria Romero, the mother of the missing victim.

While, Gloria Romeromother of Cecilia Strzyzowski, announced this Monday to Justice that it will initiate a civil action against Emerenciano Sena, Marcela Acuña and Césarthe son of both, all arrested for the crime of the 29-year-old girl.

The civil action was informed by their lawyers Gustavo Briend and Juan Arregin, who advanced by demanding that the Justice request Historical information up to and including June 1 on assets in the name of the Sena clan.

Cecilia Strzyzowski case: the prosecutor’s office asked that the Sena not share lawyers due to “conflicting interests”

The request is about real estate, automobiles, motorcycles and boats in the name of any of the three. This “will make it possible to ensure the collection of the credit that will be claimed, in terms of damages, losses, moral damages and any other compensation that will be requested.”

Finally, they asked for general inhibition of assets on the three detainees to ensure that they do not come off.

In a case being carried out by the Federal Justice, the prosecutor Patricio Sabadini received information that the Sena family has a fleet of vehicles in their name, as well as the Foundation that the family had, which received public funds from the provincial government, is under investigation. .


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