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They made my week

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They made my week

01 Sand-colored patchwork blanket
02 Moccasins that will look good with a tan and low cut light jeans
03 the sun the moon the truth
04 My niche: a hat with a quote from secondary dialogue in Nora Ephron’s You’ve Got Mail
05 Network with letter
06 Straw bag season

With my younger son’s encouragement, I see you with him Avatar (the animated version, not the Netflix version, God forbid), so along the way I gained a new Zen master – Uncle Euro:

The Key To Wisdom And Tea Is Proper Aging

Or in the Hebrew version we see:
Avatar: I hear you have good advice and excellent tea.
Uncle Iro: The key to both is old age.

When the angels up and leave you cold, slamming all your doors
I’ll be around

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