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They made my week

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They made my week

01 A pencil as an accessory
02 Miu Miu X New Balance, leaves us (me) with a desire to sabotage sailors on a lanyard standard
03 Point obsession: Jules model in a powder shade from the collaboration of the observer and me
04 Ralph Lauren anklet
05 small bag
06 This week I tried to start drinking matcha at home. The conclusions for now: this won’t work with every type. This is the matcha recommended by one of my nieces, someone who knows about homemade matcha

What are we doing now, your heart asked me
(Seasons, A. Gefen)

To learn which questions cannot be answered, and to avoid answering them: this skill is most necessary in times of distress and darkness.
(Left Side of Darkness, Ursula K. Le Guin. Translation: Emmanuel Lotham)

It is written in the books in the poems in the star charts
What everyone is looking for and hoping for happiness
And fate has a dark color deep inside
Don’t cry little sister it’s not easy you understand

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