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They made my week the dresser

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They made my week  the dresser

01 The sweatshirt that Chris Evans wears in the production of GQ
02 The Jupiter chain (which I designed together with Esnat from theydream – if you want to read about it, here is a link to the post) was eliminated quite quickly from the moment it went up on the site, but right now a new drop went up. And bonus: there is now also a silver version of Jupiter
03 Vos inspiration and awakening cards, just in time for the new year
04 Sofia Coppola hardcover
05 Pear and fragrant pea bolt perfume (my favorite flower)
06 The clutch bags in the form of catalogs that Olympia Le Tan designed in honor of jcrew’s 40th celebration. By the way, there is another option to participate in the giveaway activity they are doing

It’s been a long time since the blog had a random browsing forecast (Random Browsing Prediction? For those who don’t remember, this is something I used to do a lot here on the blog in the past. A prediction based on the belief that when you’re in the right mood you can read anything, not just coffee or cards. Random Browsing Prediction is based on three books that were also chosen at random. Relatively ):

First book: Heartburn / Nora Efron (Page 52. Translation: Aryeh Buber)
“I was debating whether to stay in bed all day. I considered in my mind whether to get out of bed and get into the bath and stay there all day. I wondered if the mere consideration of these two possibilities meant a nervous breakdown.’

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Book Two: Bird, Bird / Anne Lamott (page 43, translation: Yoav Katz)
“Tell yourself as pleasantly as you can, look, honey, all we’re going to do right now is write a description of the river at sunset, or the little boy swimming in the country club pool, or the first time the man sees the woman he’s going to marry. That’s all we’re going to do for now. We’re just going to do it bird-bird. But we’re going to complete this one little chore.’

Book Three: The Wisdom of Insecurity / Alan Watts (page 77, translation: Nir Hacham)
“Only those who don’t understand the problem ask “What are we going to do about it?”. If it is possible to solve a problem at all, understanding it and knowing what to do about it is what it is. But doing something about a problem we don’t understand is like trying to chase away the darkness with a wave of the hands. When the light comes, the darkness disappears at once.’

Just recently I learned that not only was a fourth book in the “Hunger Games” series released (the origin story of President Snow and the games), but that the movie version is also coming out in November.

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