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They made my week the dresser

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They made my week  the dresser

01 Derry Hemingway with a ring with the letter D
02 Photo by Yael Resner bfresh paint (at the port of Jaffa until 4/6)
03 It’s never too early to immediately start planning a trip that isn’t on the agenda at all
04 Pixie’s blush stick that is a Tiktok celeb has landed at Super Pharm (reporting from the field about the shade Fleur: it applies easily. So easily that it’s almost unnecessary to blur it, and you immediately look like you took a nap in the sun during an afternoon on vacation in Italy)
05 The shoes that came back with me from Mykonos (did you know that the shops there are open until 1 am?)
06 about us fair on Friday and Saturday. Pictured: Northern Star plaid dress. The entire collection will arrive at the fair and will be discounted up to 20%

The task: keep shaking the apple tree
“We tend to believe that worlds need to be turned upside down in order for things to happen. I can’t ignore the fact that little shocks and shakes can help a lot. In fact, I believe they are necessary. I call them do the dirty work. I would just like to say that doing the dirty work is indeed necessary, but I have rarely seen direct results from it.
It seems to work better as follows: We shake the apple tree and the universe sends an orange
(Through the artist / Julia Cameron. Translation: Roni Sher)

No one’s gonna drag you up
To get into the light where you belong

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