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they modified the ordinance to favor equity

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they modified the ordinance to favor equity

For years in San Francisco, whoever arrived at the Bus Terminal Station and wanted to go quickly could not find a remis, there were only taxis and this transport was more expensive. Many were resigned, it was what the ordinance ordered. Now, after many tug of wars, the norm was modified so that they coexist equally.

For now there will be a single stop where taxis and remises can park (previously only taxi drivers could do so) and cars will be boarded according to the order in which they arrive in the area.

In addition, it will no longer matter what type of service is preferred because the rate will be the same. This provision is in force from this month and specifies 400 pesos for the lowering of the flag, 25 pesos per block and the kilometer en route is still pending.

On the other hand, the prohibition area where other vehicles can wait for passengers was expanded. It went from being 100 meters to 200. This makes sense in practice since the agreement involves the taxi drivers who are united in the same group and the bus company “Los Rápidos”.

Finally, another point to take into account is that in order to maintain the fleet of vehicles that provide these services, the seniority period was modified, from 5 to 10 years. The measure is important given that after the restrictions and with the economic crisis the number of mobile phones dropped substantially.

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