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They sentenced him to 11 years in prison – Diario Río Negro

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They sentenced him to 11 years in prison – Diario Río Negro

“You owe me a big one!” Carlos Solís warned Ricardo Alvarado, that he had rolled down the window of the Toyota Hilux truck he was driving to talk to his neighbor. Solís had not gone to talk. Immediately, he placed the shotgun he was carrying against Alvarado’s abdomen and shot him. He turned around and returned to his car, which he had left crossed on provincial route 86, in the Mallín Ahogado area. He got into the vehicle and drove away.

Alvarado was fatally wounded inside the cabin of the truck. Ricardo Torres, who was with the injured man, moved him to the passenger side and drove at full speed to the area’s first aid room.

When they arrived it was closed. He asked for help at police station 145, located a few meters away. TOThere, they tried to help Alvarado, who no longer had a pulse. It was in vain. He died minutes later. Then, Solís voluntarily surrendered to the Police. Also, he offered the gun.

This Monday, A court made up of judges Marcos Burgos, Bernardo Campana and Juan Martín Arroyo, sentenced Solis to 11 years in prison. in an abbreviated trial as the author criminally responsible for the murder of Alvarado, aggravated because he committed it with a firearm.

everything was ready so that Solís is tried in an oral and public trial. The witnesses had been summoned to testify at the hearing, which took place in the Courts building at 20 John O’Connor Street in Bariloche.

The fact that the prosecution attributed to the accused

The prosecutor of El Bolsón Francisco Arrien, who investigated the case, told the court the incident that was attributed to the accused. He announced that the prosecution would prove at trial with the evidence collected that the accused had been the author of Alvarado’s homicide.

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He remembered that On the afternoon of December 14, 2020, the defendant who was traveling in a vehicle intercepted the truck that Alvarado was driving and blocked his path on provincial route 86.

He said that He got out of the car with a shotgun in his hands. He went to the driver’s side where the victim was, who rolled down the window of the Toyota to talk. She “said to him: You owe me a big one!” shooting him,” said the prosecutor. And he left the place. He maintained that The prosecutor’s accusation against Solís was for homicide aggravated by the use of a firearm.. And he announced that he would ask for a conviction.

The lawyer Sebastión Arrondo, representing the mother and children of the victim, who became plaintiffs, agreed with the prosecutor’s accusation.

Lawyer Rodolfo Rodrigo, who defended the accused, alleged that the conflict between the victim and Solís had started earlier. He regretted that no one in the Rio Negro Government took note of the claim of the residents of Mallín Ahogado, about 17 kilometers from El Bolsón. who denounced a wave of insecurity in the area. Cattle theft was a constant in those days.

He said he was not in a position to dispute the allegation. And he announced that he would also request a conviction for Solís. But he proposed to the prosecution and the complaint to resolve the conflict in an agreement full as it had been proposed in another stage of the process without success.

The deliberation to seek an agreement

The court arranged an intermission room so that the prosecutor, the plaintiff and the defender could try to bring their positions closer together. A few minutes later, the hearing resumed. The prosecutor informed the judges that he had reached a full agreement with the lawyer for the complaint, with the consent of the victim’s mother and children, who were in the courtroom, and the defense.

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Arrien mentioned all the evidence he had collected and the witnesses offered to support the accusation. Above all, the eyewitness of the attack. And he asked for 11 years in prison. He appreciated the defendant’s lack of criminal history. “The imposition of eleven years in prison seems fair and reasonable to us,” Arrondo added.

Burgos explained, in his capacity as president of the court, that the situation was unusual. The province’s Criminal Procedure Code authorizes the application of the abbreviated procedure when the accused admits the fact attributed to him and consents to the procedure, pBut with the condition that the agreed sentence does not exceed 10 years in prison.

Therefore, the judges took time to analyze the proposal. After a second intermission quarter, Burgos said that the court considered logic and validated the agreed abbreviated procedure. The accused gave his consent to the sentence. Nor did he object to a word of the accusation against him.

The prosecutor requested an extension of the preventive detention, which the accused is serving at home, until the sentence is final. The court accepted the request.

Rodrigo warned that The case caused two tragedies: that of the victim and that of the perpetrator of the fatal shot who will go to prison. He said that his assistant accepted his guilt and sentence with the aim of contributing to social peace and rebuilding relations in the area.

But he pointed out that the maximum responsibility for this type of conflicts between residents of rural areas lThere are government authorities who do not act to prevent. “There are those responsible who will never be sitting in the dock (of the accused),” he said.

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