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they were drunk on a motorcycle

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they were drunk on a motorcycle

Route 65 was the scene this Thursday at noon of a serious road accidentwhich left as a result of two motorcyclists with serious injuries. It was between Allen and Roca, where they hit a car.

The crash It occurred around 12:20near the El Maruchito neighborhood.

There, a motorcycle that was traveling with two men crashed for reasons that are being investigated against a Peugeot 406in which two women were traveling in the Roca-Allen direction.

Due to the force of the accident, The vehicles ended up with serious material damage and with both motorcyclists lying on the ground with serious injuries.

As for the occupants of the car, Police sources confirmed to Diario RÍO NEGRO that no one suffered injuries.

Police and health personnel arrived at the scene, taking the men to the Allen hospital, where they remain hospitalized.

Once assisted, the police explained who were subjected to a breathalyzer test that yielded positive results for both: 1.6 g/l and 1.86 g/l.

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