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“Things Those Animals Taught Me” – 2023 Beijing News Annual Reading Recommendation

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**2023 Beijing News Annual Reading Recommendations Special Issue Unveiled**

As 2023 begins, it is time to reflect on the importance of reading and the profound impact it has on our lives. Reading not only preserves the passage of time in memory but also helps us integrate the events we observe, see, and experience into our minds. This year, Book Review Weekly has once again selected 12 outstanding books worth reading from the extensive collection published throughout the year.

The principles of “public stance, professional character, independent spirit, and realistic feelings” have guided the selection of these books. They serve as the yardstick for measuring and preserving the essence of reading time throughout the year. We will push these books one by one on the official account of Book Review Weekly, starting with “Things Those Animals Taught Me” by Zhang Yu.

“Things Those Animals Taught Me” explores the author’s deep connection with nature through a delightful encounter with four animals: ducks, squirrels, praying mantises, and hedgehogs. This masterpiece offers readers a unique perspective on nature and its inhabitants, providing valuable insights into the extraordinary roles played by seemingly ordinary wild animals in our ecosystem.

The author, Zhang Yu, a distinguished ecological photographer and scientific cartographer currently working in the editorial department of “Museum” at “China National Geographic” magazine, showcases her unwavering commitment to nature observation and conservation in this extraordinary piece of literature. Through her “slow observation” perspective, the book conveys the remarkable beauty and significance of the natural world that surrounds us.

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The selection of “Things Those Animals Taught Me” as part of the 2023 Beijing News Annual Reading Recommendations pays homage to the author’s dedication to portraying the wild side of the bustling city, ensuring that nature’s wonders are not lost to modern living. This heartfelt tribute acknowledges the exemplary documentation of animals’ incredible moments and her genuine, long-term observations, offering readers a much-needed remedy for “nature deficit disorder.”

The book not only captures the hearts of readers but also receives accolades from industry experts, culminating in Zhang Yu’s commendable speech expressing her gratitude to the supporters and her publisher, the Commercial Press. Furthermore, the author’s insightful dialogue with the Beijing News offers readers an exclusive glimpse into her profound connection with the animal kingdom and the hidden stories of the otherwise ordinary species.

As readers embark on the 2023 reading journey, “Things Those Animals Taught Me” serves as a testament to the intrinsic connection between humanity and nature. It reveals the unparalleled beauty that lies within the simplicity of observing and learning from the enchanting world of animals that coexist with us.

The legacy of the 2023 Beijing News Annual Reading Recommendations stands as a beacon, guiding readers through the exquisite tapestry of literature, and encasing the fleeting moments of time within the pages of timeless stories.

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