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This is how Milei and Trump hugged before the Argentine president’s speech

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This is how Milei and Trump hugged before the Argentine president’s speech

Javier Milei participated this Saturday in the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) which he organized in Washington Donald Trump: As expected, all eyes were on the fraternal gestures of the libertarian leader with the former North American president, who have been publicly expressing points of contact and ideological rapprochements.

Milei and Trump gave each other a big hug before the Argentine president’s speech at the conservative summit that took place in Washington.

The scene was recorded in a video that went viral and at the same time represented a message to the current president Joe Biden, since Milei expressed her hope that Trump returns to the White House.

After the cordial handshake and reciprocal displays of affection, Milei and Trump several photos were taken.

While the Republican leader He harangued the president, proposing that he “make Argentina great again” (“¡Make Argentina great again!”), Milei responded with her euphoric roar “Long live fucking freedom” and thumbs upto the laughter of the cameramen and those present.

The recent meeting of the president with the North American Secretary of State, Antony Blinkenstrengthened ties with Washington, to the point that Joe Biden’s diplomat stated that “the people of Argentina can count on us as they work to stabilize their economy.”

Javier Milei in United States. Photos: AFP

With the hug to Trump, Milei added another friendly gesture towards the United Stateswhich represents a radical shift in the country’s foreign policy, given that the previous administration was more in tune with Biden.

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When Donald Trump gave his conference he also dedicated to him words of praise for Javier Mileiwhom he identified as a “great gentleman” and “one of the few” leaders capable of transforming Argentina.

”The President of Argentina, who has a lot of publicity!, is a great gentleman, and you know, he is MAGA, ‘Make Argentina Great Again’. He said it ‘I’m MAGA’, and I realized that he is one of the few who can do it well.”Trump said to Republican supporters and allies.

On the other hand, when Milei went on stage He resumed his usual ideas against socialism, caste, unionism and the State.

The corrupt caste is made up of thieving politicians, who put their privileges above the well-being of Argentines. By prebendary businessmen, who do business with corrupt politicians. By corrupt media, which are very angry with us because we eliminated the official guideline,” the president remarked during the event in Washington.

“Also by unionists who go about their business against the people. And professionals who live off the religion of the State. Therefore, they will become aware of the great fight we are putting up, but we are not going to give up on making Argentina great again,” Javier Milei continued.

The Argentine president also mentioned the package of “structural reforms” that the Government launched through the mega decree to deregulate the economy and the Omnibus Law, which encountered obstacles in Congress for its sanction.

“These regulations propose to give more freedom to Argentines and eliminate corruption from politics. But they encountered resistance from the beneficiaries of this system in favor of the corrupt caste.“Milei indicated.

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As at the Davos economic forum, Milei once again criticized socialism and social justice.

Don’t let socialism advance. Do not endorse the regulation. Do not endorse the idea of ​​market failures. Do not allow the murderous agenda to advance. “Do not be carried away by the siren song of social justice,” said the Argentine president at the conservative summit.


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