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This is how the controls will continue this Tuesday and Wednesday

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This is how the controls will continue this Tuesday and Wednesday

On Monday there was a control operation in Neuquén for the ritual called Last First Day of School (UPD). An injured person was registered. The Police reported that on Tuesday morning the tours carried out to prevent excesses will continue and that They will continue on Wednesday, the day when the largest call of students is expected.

Commissioner Dario Ahuir pointed out that Last night the operation was carried out from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. in the morning. The Neuquén Security Directorate, SIEN and Road Safety personnel, and members of the Metropolitan, Second Police Station, and motorcyclists participated.

Regarding what happened on Monday, he mentioned that A case occurred at the exit of a premises on Linares Street that was rented, where there was some pushing, and a young man threw a glass bottle that hit the head of an adult who was there.

Students from private schools were gathered there, accompanied by teachers and directors.

This Tuesday morning the operation will be repeated, but less is expected than the first day. “It is concentrated on Island 132 and from there it will go out,” he said.

Last first day of classes in Neuquén: this is how the controls will continue

He pointed out that the largest number of students gathered by the UPD is expected on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, in the Limay River area, so the operation will be intensified. According to the calls, the meetings would involve young people from public schools.

“The idea is to prevent any inconvenience, protect the integrity of young people,” he told this medium.

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