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This is how the patrols of the Municipal Urban Guard will be

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This is how the patrols of the Municipal Urban Guard will be

As part of a training program for municipal guards carried out by the provincial government, the Municipality of Córdoba showed the first images of the Urban Guard patrols, which will be launched starting next Monday, March 11. This is a municipal prevention force, which will have 70 mobile phones and 400 agents.

The training was headed by Governor Martín Llaryora, and more than a hundred officials and mayors from different towns in the provincial interior participated. The mayor of the city of Córdoba, Daniel Passerini, also attended.

There, Passerini confirmed that the Urban Guard will be launched next Monday, March 11. “You cannot be mayor by being hypocritical or denying reality. We do this because it is a demand from society: insecurity is something that concerns us and all of us who are here are part of the solution,” he stated at the event.

“Every incident of insecurity hurts us, what is happening in Argentina hurts us. Córdoba is part of the country, beyond the fact that they do not provide us with the resources as they do to a little piece of Argentina where the president lives. For democracy to evolve and be strong, a present State and good politics are necessary,” the mayor added.

How the Urban Guard will work

As La Voz was able to find out, it is a municipal prevention force that will be made up of 400 agents, who will have police status, so they will not be able to join unions. In principle, they are personnel who are part of the Technical Disaster Action Team (Etac), which works for the Province in fires and natural disasters. Added to them are all the additional police officers who guard municipal buildings, who will be replaced in that role by private guards.

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They will be equipped with reduced lethality weapons, and will have permanent contact with the police frequency. They will be arranged in the main corridors of the city, expanding the route that the patrols of the Prevention and Coexistence program (Precon) carry out today.

It will focus on compliance with the Coexistence Code and coordination with the Provincial Police.

The implementation is carried out by the Secretary of Community Security and Prevention, Claudio Vignetta, in coordination with the Ministry of Security of the Province, Juan Pablo Quinteros.

These are the mobile phones of the Municipal Urban Guard

The vehicles selected in this instance are Peugeot 208, which are painted white on the front, hood and doors, and blue on the fenders and roof. In the transition between those colors, there is a yellow, white and red guard: the colors of the flag of the city of Córdoba.

On the sides, they have the large legend of “Municipal Urban Guard”, and a smaller “Córdoba Capital”. On the hood, meanwhile, the blue shield of the guard is printed.

The mobiles also have yellow and white beacons on the roof, and smaller ones on the grill.

These are the mobile phones of the Municipal Urban Guard (Córdoba Municipality Press).

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