Home Entertainment This low-key small town in Guangdong has also become so popular with it.

This low-key small town in Guangdong has also become so popular with it.

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This low-key small town in Guangdong has also become so popular with it.

  Original title: Zhang Songwen posted more than 30 Weibo posts in a row! This low-key small city in Guangdong has also become so popular!

  Author: Feekr Travel

  “The first explosion of the year”Domestic drama——“hurricane”has everyone watched it?

Just last week, Xiao Feijun opened the first episode out of curiosity, and the resultgetting out of handI finished chasing it in one breath…

I have to admit, the show’sThe stamina is really too much

  Although the finale ended on Wednesday, the name of “Hurricane” is still the same every day.Occupy the hot search listeveryone seems to be stillImmersed in the plot, unable to extricate myself.

Gao Qiqiang, who was finally arrested, received another dumpling from An Xin after 20 years.

  The same person, the same place, but they have already changed.This situation is embarrassing.

And playing Gao QiqiangZhang Songwenand once again conquered the audience with his acting skills.

#推荐查查张松文不like Acting#, such hot searches are undoubtedly the best affirmation for actors.

  In addition to TV dramas and actors, it is also popularBehind the scenes——Jiangmen

△ Zhang Songwen posted more than 30 Weibo posts to promote Jiangmen during the filming period△ Zhang Songwen posted more than 30 Weibo posts to promote Jiangmen during the filming period

  Those mottled arcades, old factory streets, and noisy markets undoubtedly demonstrate the contest between black and white human nature in the play more vividly.

  The timeline of “Hurricane” spans 20 years, so it is necessary to retain a large number of old buildings in the scene, but also have a strong urban atmosphere.

  in this wayMerger and inclusionregional characteristics,JiangmenIt is indeed the best choice.

  This year’s Spring Festival holiday, Jiangmen’s tourism orders increased by 121%, ushered in 2.54 million tourists, and tourism revenue was 1.454 billion yuan.

This unremarkable small city in Guangdong also followed the play,The heat is soaring all the way.

  The first “national level” blockbuster drama in the beginning of the year

  The mutual achievement of a good script and a good actor

  “Hurricane” is undoubtedly the first film of the year,Popular TV series at the national level

  Zero traffic star, zero publicity, but became the biggest dark horse, driving wildly, all the way.

Although there were many controversies in the finale, the final Douban score dropped to 8.7.

But no one can deny that “Hurricane” is indeed the latest in recent years,One of the most wonderful works depicting the characters of good and evil

especiallyGao QiqiangBefore “blackening”, he was just an ordinary fishmonger.

Unfortunatelywrong step wrong stepIf you tell a lie, you have to use thousands of lies to cover it up, and you can never look back.

  And the play also put himThe process of gradually walking into the abyss is fully presented.

Gao Qiqiang in the period of selling fish, inBefore entertaining guests, hands are hurriedly washed in the fish tank.

  This seemingly inconspicuous little detail is actually Zhang Songwen’sI squatted in the vegetable market for several daysobserved from the fish stall owner.

  The whole set of movements is smooth and flowing, just like a skilled fish seller.

  Such sincere interpretations also make the characters in the play become incomparablerealityAs if the story is staged around us in general.

  The success of “Hurricane” is undoubtedly a mutual achievement of a good script and good actors.

  The “Jinghai City” in the play is also the city in reality.Jiangmenalso exploded together.

As early as during the filming period, Teacher Zhang Songwen sentMore than 30 Weibointroduces in detail various play strategies in Jiangmen.


  I also followed his sharing,Successfully planted grass in this small town full of unique charm.(As expected of the formerBest Tour Guide in Guangdong Province! It is the ability of some Amway destinations hh)

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  Jiuchang Street, PHS store, secret meeting place…

  It turns out that the filming locations of the same style are all here!

  /33 Market Street/


  33 Market StreetNot a specific street name, butXuding Street, Dizhong Street, Lianping Road, Xingning Road, North Street and other historical streets are collectively referred to.

Little Red Book@王贵的奇迹的健康Little Red [email protected]王贵的奇迹的健康

  becauseThere are a total of 33 bluestone slab stone steps in Shuibutouhence the name Thirty-three Market Street.More than 600 years ago, the ancients were hereDisembark and land for business transactions.

  This is where Gao Qiqiang lived in the playOld Factory Streetyou can also find‘Strong PHS’(The original location of the store was a stationery store)

Little Red Book@王贵的奇迹的健康Little Red [email protected]王贵的奇迹的健康

  Today, Sansanxu Street is no longer as prosperous as it used to be, butThe old and vicissitudes of life are full of charm.

  Riding a small tram through the streets and alleys,Mottled old arcades, intertwined wiresshops lined up on both sides…silently speakingThe city of Jiangmen has a rich history.


  Milk tea lovers must come here to check inHEYTEA Founding Store!There is oneJiangmen Limiteddrinks,Cheese milk cap sprinkled with Xinhui tangerine peelvery special.

  /Mei Family Courtyard/

  In “Hurricane”A very important play–Li Xiang died gloriously and fell down together with Gao Qisheng.Mei Family Courtyardshot.

Sharp-eyed friends will definitely recognize it, and here is the same“Goose City” in “Let the Bullets Fly”.

Little Red Book @ Wei Ran Cheng FengLittle Red Book @ Wei Ran Cheng Feng

  The Mei Family Courtyard is currently the nationalsave the bestand has a certain scaleA typical representative of overseas Chinese architecture108 Chinese and Western arcade buildingsRow upon row are arranged in a rectangular shape, just like a “siege city”.

After more than 90 years of wind and rain erosion, the building is everywhereFull of traces carved by time

Little Red Book @Wang Gui's Wonderful JourneyLittle Red Book @Wang Gui’s Wonderful Journey

The villagers are sitting at the door eating melon seeds and chatting about their daily life; the uncle under the arcade will tell you which angle is the best to take a picture; the vendors and shopkeepers selling special products are also “Buddhist business“…

  hereIt is a lively tourist attractionbut alsoFull of simplicity and human touch that Jiangmen also has

Little Red Book@王贵的奇迹的健康Little Red [email protected]王贵的奇迹的健康

  If you want to buy souvenirs, it is recommended‘Five Fingers Salt Baked Chicken with Peach’,yesVery distinctive local taste of Guangdongthe skin is fragrant and the meat is tender and not greasy, and it can also be mailed in vacuum packaging for free.

  /Tsing Shan Tsui/

  In the play, every time Zhao Lidong has private conversations with people at the seaside, the scene is shot in Qingshanzui, Taishan, Jiangmen.

  The sea was calm and the sun was high above the sky.In broad daylight, dark transactions are going on on the coast.The contrast on such a scene alsoMakes the plot more immersive

Intercepted from Zhang Songwen WeiboIntercepted from Zhang Songwen Weibo

  Castle Peak Tsui has two major signs, one is red and whitelighthousethe second isSandy beaches covered with snails and shells.it’s herePicking up shells, catching hermit crabs,It seems to have returned to a carefree childhood.

Little Red Book @圆圆不是SupermanLittle Red Book @圆圆不是Superman

  In addition, Castle Peak Tsui alsoSecretly hides the most beautiful sunset in Jiangmen

Follow the direction of the lighthouse to the embankment in the center of the sea,The sunset is a gentle orange color.Standing in front of the lighthouse to take pictures, the afterglow sprinkled on the body,Every strand of hair is golden…

From Zhang Songwen WeiboFrom Zhang Songwen Weibo

  Near Castle Peak TsuiSoutheast Asian Style Streetand one more‘Vietnamese food shop’。this isTeacher Zhang Songwen specially sent a Weibo to strongly recommend it

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The shop owner and chef are bothVietnamese Returned Overseas Chinesethe taste is absolutely authentic.

  SignboardVietnamese Meatloafdipped in hot and sour sauce,With basil and lettuce leavesEat together, the mouth is Q bomb, the lips and teeth are fragrant, it is worth a try!

  Ancient buildings full of the style of the Republic of China

  The coastline is so beautiful that I dream of going back to Kenting…

  /Rainbow Village/

Little Red Book@何大发Little Red [email protected]何大发

  Walking into this colorful village gave me a feeling for a momentTraveling back to Rainbow Town in Moroccoa feeling of.

  Colorful houses surrounded by mountainsfrom low to high orderly staggered arrangement, really like a fairy tale world.


  hereRomantic without losing the breath of life. The washed clothes are hung to dry on the window sill, and the battery car is parked randomly on the side of the road.

There are many aborigines in the village, remember not to disturb them when visiting and taking pictures~

Little Red Book@何大发Little Red [email protected]何大发

Remember to wear light-colored clothes when you come to take pictures.The color saturation will be higher in clear weatherSuper production!

  The village is not big, so you can find a coffee shop to take a rest when you are tired from shopping.spend an afternoonImmersed in the colorful world, the mood will be much brighter.

  /Ukitsuki Village/

Little Red Book@维ran成风Little Red [email protected]维ran成风

  If you like watching all kinds ofold house,SoUkitsuki VillageIt is really a must punch card!

  The western-style buildings in the village were built in1920s and 1930sis combined with the building function of the watchtowerA building with very overseas Chinese characteristics


  In front of the Western-style building is a vast field,Green in spring, golden in autumn.It blends with the houses of blue bricks and gray tiles to form a picture full of artistic conception.Pastoral ink painting

  Walking leisurely in the village, it is so quiet that only the sound of the wind blowing the wheat waves can be heard.hereLow degree of commercializationwithout the hustle and bustle of tourists and cookie-cutter souvenir shops, everything isAuthentic.

  /Xiachuan Island/


In fact, Kawashima is divided intoUpper Kawashima and Lower KawashimaFriends who have plenty of time can play all of them, the scenery and experience are different.

  I personally preferShimokawa Island,hereBlue and green sea level, the endless Coconut Grove Avenue,really beautiful.


Riding a small electric donkey around the island, blowing the cool sea breeze, made me tranceI thought I came to Kentingis simply too healing.

There are also many recreational items on the island.Surfing, speed boating, snorkeling…pitch a tent on the beachfishing to watch the sunsetNot bad.

  /in the lawn/

Little Red Book@Just JingjingLittle Red [email protected] Jingjing

  This is a building that has500 years of historythe ancient village,Ancestral halls, foreign-style buildings, private schools, green brick housesAnd other ancient buildings are dotted with ancient charm, full of rich flavor.Republic style.


  The village is not big, you can go shopping in more than an hour, and every corner is very good.

  Retro ice cream trucks, graffiti with a sense of age on the walls, and authentic Chinese snacks hidden in folk houses…even if they are called‘Internet celebrity village’but here theThe degree of commercialization is just right, which makes people feel very comfortable.

  Low prices, many specialties, free seafood

  The “Gourmet City” that has been overlooked!

  There are so many delicious cities in Guangdong thatWhen it comes to food, Jiangmen is seriously overlooked

  There are rich products here,There are many Hakka people and hometowns of overseas Chinese, and then mixed with local characteristicsdietsui generis


  And Jiangmenlow pricesa bowl of claypot rice covered with meat is less than 20 yuan; rice rolls on the street are 5 yuan a piece; fresh seafood that has just been caught in the seafood market, the processing fee is only a dozen yuan per plate…

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Looking for delicious food here, you can really feel the“Cheap and delicious”the happiness it brings.

  /Pig Knuckle Noodles/

“When I was young, I ordered a bowl of pig’s feet noodles. My younger sister ate pig’s feet, my younger brother ate noodles, and I drank soup.”

  This is the story that Gao Qiqiang and An Xin told when eating noodles.Seeing it in front of the screen, I want to go out and make noodles immediately!

Public Comments @阿凤兰野白子Public Comments @阿凤兰野白子

  And if you want to find it in Jiangmen, remember to walk into the noodle shop and tell the boss to have a bowl‘Pork Knuckle Noodles’

  Stewed Pork KnuckleGently sip with your mouth to separate the flesh and bones, full of collagen.The noodles are chewy and the noodle soup islight sweet,andSalty and softThe pork knuckle paired together is simply amazing!

  📍Store recommendation:Caiji Waihai Noodles, Xingye Noodles, Yiyuantang

  /Gujing Roast Goose/


  You must eat when you come to JiangmenGujing Roast Gooseof.The skin is crispy and the meat is tender, the soup drips down the fatTake a bite and leave your mouth full of fragrance.

  “sweet”and“Fragrance”These are the two major features of Gujing Roast Goose.The sweetness comes from honey and secret marinade, andfragranceIt is derived from Jiangmen specialty——Xinhui Chenpi

Dianping @MayChanDianping @MayChan

Everyone in Jiangmen understandsThe greatest respect for a goose is to marinate it with expensive tangerine peel

  Wait until the faint fragrance penetrates into the meat, and then useLychee woodbaked.The last gooseFragrant and tangy, bright in color, crispy and juicy,One can’t stop eating one piece.

  📍Shop recommendation: Hengyi Roasted Meat, Pingxiang Roasted Goose

  /Taishan eel rice/


  Cantonese are very good at making claypot rice, and Taishan, Jiangmen is rich in eelsthe combination of the two has become this very characteristic dish.

  There is no need to pick out famous restaurants to eat eel rice, the most fragrant and delicious food may beHidden in those unassuming food stalls on the side of the road.

Public comment @思瑜SeeuBBPublic comment @思瑜SeeuBB

The eel must be selected thin, soThe flesh is firm and elastic.The rice must also be selected locally.small farm stickafter steaming, the taste is soft and tough, slightly sweet, and it is a perfect match with rice field eel!

  Sprinkle a handful of chopped green onions before serving.Force out the fresh fragrance of rice field eel. Stirring the rice while listening to the sound of “zilazila” is really healing.

  📍Shop recommendation: Xinghua rice field eel rice, Shuangshuang rice field eel rice, Asitai mountain rice field eel rice

  /Duhu Seafood Street/

Little Red Book@kaiping阿rayLittle Red [email protected]阿ray

  When you come to Jiangmen, where do you want to eat seafood, many people’s first reaction isTaishan Dendrobium.It is said‘Eat seafood to Duhu’a sentence has become popular around Jiangmen.

  Duhu Town is located at the confluence of salt water and fresh water between Huangmao Sea Area and Xijiang River, near Xinhui Yamen and Zhuhai Doumen, so hereMainly rich in shrimp and craband tastespecial sweet

Little Red Book@kaiping阿rayLittle Red [email protected]阿ray

  andDuhu Seafood Streetalready have20 years of historyYes, the market is at the localPopularityIt’s also unusual, especially during the holidays.

  Some diners said that the seafood in Duhu Seafood Street has three characteristics:Many, cheap and fresh!

  After selecting the seafood, take it to the food stall next to it for processing. The processing fee for each plate is only 10-15 yuan, which is super cost-effective!

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