Home Entertainment This week’s astrology, Jupiter, Pisces, sprint water and stagnation: God helps self-help week (Photos) – Constellation-Fortune-Tang Qiyang-Jupiter-Mercury stagnation-kaleidoscope- -SeeChina.com

This week’s astrology, Jupiter, Pisces, sprint water and stagnation: God helps self-help week (Photos) – Constellation-Fortune-Tang Qiyang-Jupiter-Mercury stagnation-kaleidoscope- -SeeChina.com

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This week’s astrology, Jupiter, Pisces, sprint water and stagnation: God helps self-help week (Photos) – Constellation-Fortune-Tang Qiyang-Jupiter-Mercury stagnation-kaleidoscope- -SeeChina.com

This week, the sprinting water of Jupiter and Pisces is stagnant: God helps self-help week. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

What about the week of December 12-18?

God Help Self-Help Week

Define this week as Providence Self-Help Week. Jupiter is sprinting, and it is sprinting in Pisces. We are about to bid farewell to him, and he is about to re-enter Aries. In fact, this astrological sign is for us to make a new start, so this sprint will definitely drive the wheel of fortune change. So the opportunity for transformation has come before us, and it is aimed at what you are worried about, what you are afraid of, the so-called invisible emotional part, so when you are more afraid, but opportunities keep coming, you should stop doubting , that means you should change, you should break through the demons in your heart.

Venus and Mercury are both in Capricorn

Moreover, now both Venus and Mercury are in Capricornus, and Mercury is already stagnating, what does this mean? This means that near and far come. If you behave well, the nobles are already around and ready, and maybe they have already told you what to do and how to go. This opportunity will come for the old and the new. Come on, what are you still resisting? So if you are a person who has always been self-help and has always worked hard, I believe you have a lot of opportunities. If you don’t work hard or try, it doesn’t matter, because noble people will still come, as long as you are willing to help yourself.

Mercury stagnant

Mercury is stagnant this week, and it is sprinting with Jupiter in Pisces. You can feel it well, the point is that Mercury is stagnant. You may find it difficult to communicate with your parents. They are very stubborn, so you have to talk around corners. This is a smart person, not head-to-head with him, you know?

Mercury stagnates and sprints with Jupiter in Pisces. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

What is the effect on individual constellations?

Tired this week: Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Libra

In terms of work, friends of the Aries zodiac sign have recently had difficult work tasks, or met a more serious officer, boss or unit, so you can only hold him up, follow up hard work, and thank you for your hard work. Then in terms of relationships, you are a bit serious, because you are a little more rigid, so you have to introspect yourself.

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Friends of the Taurus zodiac sign may have a dilemma or two kinds of pressure on yourself recently, and you find it difficult to adjust, so whether it is a heavy workload or health problems, please take care of yourself, because this is really the case. Guan is not small, you are very resistant. In terms of relationships, you are a bit too stubborn, you have to hold everything in your own hands, or you can’t relax if you don’t feel it, which will also make others feel that you are difficult to get along with.

Virgo friends, you are a bit too idealistic in terms of work, then this idealism will hit a wall everywhere, or everything will not be as expected, and of course it will bring you a lot of frustration. Then in terms of relationship, I also hope that you can relax a little bit, you can easily feel that the other party is not compatible with you, in fact, there are quite a lot of places that are compatible, so don’t always be picky.

Friends of the Libra zodiac sign, in fact, in terms of work, you will encounter problems with women. Maybe it is a female boss or a strong enemy. No matter what it is, they will bring you pressure. Just escape. Then in terms of relationship, you may feel uncomfortable with the other party because of the money issue, or you have to pay more money to be able to untie some knots. This is a bit nerve-wracking for you.

Stable this week: Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Cancer friends, in terms of work, if you meet a strong rival or someone who is very impatient, he will rush you, and of course it will make you very uncomfortable, but you may have to adjust your pace, like this It’s good to have a combination of the two. What you should pay attention to in terms of feelings is that the other party’s words are more aggressive. This is actually his personal problem. You should not use it to punish yourself, just communicate well.

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Friends of the Leo zodiac sign may enter a stage that consumes more physical energy in terms of work, which also requires a little bit of technology and skill, so work harder on this part, and then start to practice. Then, in terms of relationships, there will be some friction in life habits. If you really don’t get along with the other part, don’t be too reluctant.

Friends of the Sagittarius constellation, you need helpers at work, and you can’t stand up to thousands of troops alone. If there are three cobblers, it is better than one Zhuge Liang. So in terms of relationship, you really need someone you can discuss with. If the other party is your good backing, it is very good, and you may also fall in love with your work partner because of this.

Friends of the Aquarius zodiac sign can easily meet people with Lu in their work and career, and then they are very awkward in how to communicate, or the other party is very tricky, and there is something that makes you dislike, so this is a bit stuck. In terms of relationships, you should also pay attention to the fact that if you meet someone who is good at lying, he will hide something from you and expose it.

Liked this week: Gemini, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

Gemini friends have recently found a new battlefield in terms of work, and you are eager to try it, you like it very much, I also believe that you can be in place at one time, or you can impress others and have a chance to become popular. So in terms of feelings, please take action, why are you retreating a bit? Do you find it difficult to handle? You actually find it difficult to handle.

Friends of the Scorpio zodiac sign are actually in a desperate situation in work or career. Some things don’t go well but arouse your ambitions. Instead, hold on to him. Well, in terms of relationships, it is also the end and beginning of a certain situation recently, maybe it is the beginning of a breakup, or you talked about it, and then let a certain deadlock end, which is also very good.

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Friends of the Capricorn zodiac sign have very good luck, so this nobleman is a bit old-fashioned and dogmatic, or he comes from a relatively large unit, but you should not dislike it too much, because you also have this kind of breath floating around you, so you are will attract such opportunities. Then in terms of relationship, the other party is a very nagging type, but you have to think clearly, it is a proof that he loves you very much and takes good care of you, so don’t be annoyed.

Friends of the Pisces zodiac sign actually give you opportunities to reflect on your work recently, that is, you gradually become more and more aware of which type of work you are interested in, and you can do it well, just like you used to That kind of generalized bearing is different, so you have to start to control your own direction, and you can also start to go without the essence. Then in terms of relationships, there have been signs of leakage recently, that is, I often get electricity from some people who you find very inexplicable. To a certain extent, you are very attractive, so don’t be impatient.

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