Home Entertainment This week’s horoscope: Mercury retrograde and Taurus worry about money (Photos) Horoscope | Fortune | Tang Qiyang |

This week’s horoscope: Mercury retrograde and Taurus worry about money (Photos) Horoscope | Fortune | Tang Qiyang |

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This week’s horoscope: Mercury retrograde and Taurus worry about money (Photos) Horoscope | Fortune | Tang Qiyang |

Horoscope of the week: Mercury retrograde in Taurus, worrying about money. (Image source: Adobe Stock)
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What’s the horoscope like for the week of May 23-29?

Mercury retrograde in Taurus

At 9:00 on Monday morning, Mercury will retrograde back to Taurus, so you know that Mercury will enter Taurus twice, so now you have to look back and see if something has a CP value? Or whether our investment is right or not, or each of us has to think carefully about money, and know where the problem is. Then it is time to make corrections, or the sequelae of previous wrong investments will also be It’s time to start showing, and it’s time to get nervous about money.
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Mercury in direct Taurus

Then the retrograde this time will be retrograde until June 3, and then it will be direct. Water in Taurus will also pass by on June 14, so until June 14, it is time for us to deal with money issues. Please use your money as money, please?

Mars Rush Aries

Then there is the Mars sprint. It is about to rush from Pisces to Aries. When it was in Pisces, it was the culprit that caused the outbreak of the epidemic. Then finally it will say goodbye to Pisces. On Wednesday, it will be in Aries, and now Jupiter is in Aries, so when Mars enters on Wednesday, that’s when the fire energy explodes. Of course, there are several phenomena in the explosion of fire energy. Of course, the first phenomenon is to make many things more efficient, to do things in a hurry and hurry, or to work hard and rush, and quickly rush out of the situation. It is particularly beneficial for entrepreneurship, but its negative energy also means more self-righteousness, self-righteousness, or young children, such as children, if they have a situation or an accident, it is also very easy, because they are confident Full of adventures, and then there may be a situation, so everyone should be optimistic about their children.

Mars aspect Jupiter

And this week, Mars and Jupiter are still in phase, and the energy is particularly strong. Simply talk about things related to fire, knife wounds, scalds, etc., everyone still has to be especially careful, because accidents are always the most confident in you. occurs when. The conjunction of fire and wood will happen this weekend on May 29th, so everyone should pay attention to safety before May 29th. At this time, you are cautious, or you are able to endure the impulse, but it is more profitable, This time, the Mars Aries will stay in the constellation Aries until July 5th, so before July 5th, many people may rely on this time to open the so-called situation. Of course, we must also pay attention to the energy of war, Maybe a lot of people will shout or intimidate, because some people are more self-righteous, so you should also deal with these somewhat violent energies.

Venus is about to enter Taurus. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Venus is about to enter Taurus

Another important astrological sign is that Venus is about to enter Taurus. This is the prosperous position of Venus, so it is good news for Taurus and Libra. In addition, it also makes us want to enjoy it more in our lives, such as It is said that more people will post some information about food, cooking by themselves, or products related to life, what kind of pots and pans, the performance should be full of red, then everyone will have the opportunity to eat good things, Or there is a chance to find it cheap. ,

What about the impact on individual constellations?

Occupation: Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn

Leo friends tend to go their separate ways in terms of work. You do yours, and I do mine. This kind of division of labor and cooperation, if communicated properly, is actually a good thing, and everyone can create prosperity together.

Virgo friends, in terms of work, you have a little idea of ​​​​different from others, you can’t say who is right and who is wrong, but you will need to fight alone.

Friends of the Sagittarius constellation may be in conflict with the people around them, that is, if everyone does not coordinate well, the credit will be offset, but it will increase the troubles, so it is still necessary to coordinate with everyone.

Friends of Capricornus, if you want to make breakthroughs in work, ideas are very important. Don’t just dig in.

Love: Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio

Friends of Aries. In terms of feelings, you are a little bit repulsive of others. In fact, some people’s kindness is to express their liking for you, and it is not necessarily an attack. Don’t be so nervous!

Gemini friends are a bit like central air conditioners in terms of feelings. Everyone feels your kindness, so maybe they will think more, and your peach blossoms will come!

Cancer zodiac friends may have a very lovely person around you who will interact well with you recently. It may be young, or they like to act like a spoiled child with you, but they are actually inspired by your energy.

Scorpio friends, bring out your sense of humor. Your peach blossoms lately are based on your sense of humor or wit.

Money: Taurus, Aquarius

Friends of the Taurus zodiac sign, you are very hard-headed in terms of money. If you can’t open some knots, you won’t be able to open the situation. It’s all related to your thinking!

Aquarius friends should have a lot of small opportunities to make money recently, don’t miss them all, it will be a lot of money for you.

Health: Libra, Pisces

Libra constellation friends, you can’t sleep well. It’s true that you have too many things to do. You may not feel at ease when you lie in bed. You really want to force yourself to sleep on weekends. Although I know it’s very hard, I should be full recently. Troubled to bother you, and the other party is very active to bother you! Don’t worry.

Friends of the sign of Pisces, your fitness or health plan has recently achieved outstanding results and will make everyone admire it.

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