Home Entertainment This week’s horoscope: Pluto is far away from people who go to extremes (Photos) Constellation | Fortune | Tang Qiyang |

This week’s horoscope: Pluto is far away from people who go to extremes (Photos) Constellation | Fortune | Tang Qiyang |

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This week’s horoscope: Pluto is far away from people who go to extremes (Photos) Constellation | Fortune | Tang Qiyang |

This week’s horoscope: Fire-Pluto conjunct Pluto, stay away from extremes. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

What is the horoscope for the week of February 28 to March 6?

On March 6, Venus and Mars will move into Aquarius together. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Venus and Mars will move into Aquarius on March 6

That of course opens a new page. But these two stars will be sprinting this week in Capricornus, which will make us particularly enter the situation in terms of work, but it will also make us fully feel a problem, that is, if your life is only work , Only obligations, only responsibilities will become very boring? How do you do it to be interesting? In this week, if there will be some sparks of love, this spark of love will also have a little Capricorn energy. For example, whether you are helpful to the other party, and whether the other party hinders you, these are very pragmatic. Considering the problem, so how do we make ourselves a more marketable person, where are your strengths?

Mercury and Saturn conjunct on March 2. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Mercury and Saturn conjunct March 2

No matter where Mercury and Saturn are in conjunction, it is obvious that we will definitely enter a situation where it is easier to be pessimistic and think things are going to be in a bad direction. Because we need to protect ourselves, we may have a sense of crisis and do the best for many things. A bad plan, of course, has an impact on the society that we are not optimistic about many things, and it is easier to be more cautious and deal with the big and small things in our life more cautiously.

Mars conjunct Pluto on March 3 and Venus conjunct Pluto on March 4. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Mars conjunct Pluto on March 3 and Venus conjunct Pluto on March 4

The combination of the two of them will also drive many things in our lives to really enter the next chapter, so of course I hope that everyone does not enter the next chapter in an impulsive way. For example, when some people are extremely pessimistic and frustrated, they are likely to go in an extreme direction, so Pluto is extreme. During the two periods of Thursday and Friday, so-called emotional disputes. , or there are some people who want to take an extreme route, please be careful. If you find that the people around us have this extreme tendency, we should stay away from them. Self-protection is more important.

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The Sun conjunct Jupiter on March 5. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Sun conjunct Jupiter on March 5

The conjunction of the sun with Jupiter is of course a good influence for us, because some people still have expectations for life, just like we just mentioned that there are pessimists, but there are also people who are very optimistic, or use the vision of looking into the distance. We feel that life is still full of hope, so we should guide pessimistic people in an optimistic way, and look at the direction of the future, not just the present.

Jupiter is still going fast this week

It will run from 13 degrees 37 minutes to 15 degrees 18 minutes, so people who have stars in the horoscope from 13 degrees to 16 degrees, you will be affected by Jupiter this week! Of course, Jupiter will bless you, more optimistic or open, or magnify the effect, whether it is good or bad, it will magnify, you can feel the impact it brings.

Effects on individual constellations

Work: Taurus, Leo, Capricorn, Aquarius

Friends of Taurus zodiac sign tend to go their separate ways in terms of work. For example, if there is no coordination between others, it is easy to do things separately. In fact, there will be fights in the end, so this pre-coordination is very important.

Friends of Leo, in terms of work, you are lucky to have nobles. These nobles are likely to be big-shot characters, so his experience and some of his past credits actually have the opportunity to pass on to you, good Ask for advice!

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Friends of the Capricorn constellation, things related to overseas should not be rushed. Sometimes the more urgent it is, the more haste is not enough. At this time, we should be a little more patient and wait for the opportunity to come.

Friends of Aquarius, there are a lot of opportunities at work recently. These opportunities seem to be very big, but you must be calm, because the probability of yellowing is quite high, and maybe some things are not in time, so they belong to Be patient and look at it from a long-term perspective.

Love: Aries, Cancer, Virgo, Libra

For Aries people, there are some opportunities in this relationship recently. For example, if you have an attractive object, you have the mood to fall in love, so if you have the opportunity, I think you can rush to see it, but you must Do this with respect for others, otherwise it will be quite easy to go back.

Your Cancer zodiac friend has encountered a bottleneck in their relationship recently, and your insecurities may be a little off. Of course, the premise is that you don’t really believe in a certain part of his personality, so it will make you hesitate, and this part should also be Let the students who are pursuing Cancer know about it.

Friends of Virgo zodiac sign, your peach blossom luck has been quite prosperous recently, and it may be rotten peach blossom, because you have committed the same point of view, such as like helping the weak and then abusing sympathy, the more problematic it is People, you are better for him, and this logic is not right, so change your logic to be able to change to a new object.

Libra friends have a very sweet relationship. Recently, they have made rapid progress. The fit between the two is getting higher and higher, and you know more and more what you want. Therefore, the love life of Libra friends is quite smooth.

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Money: Sagittarius, Pisces

Friends of the Sagittarius sign are in financial management. Recently, I think it is mainly to play this safety card, so if you save or pay more attention to the nature of insurance, I think it can be used as a reference, and you should not take too much risk.

Friends of Pisces, your fortune comes from all things related to youth, such as new investment items, or maybe the nobles are young people or young groups or young markets, etc. You can go in this direction move closer.

Health: Gemini, Scorpio

Gemini friends have been in health recently. You have the sequelae after your reckless actions, for example, some problems caused by staying up late and staying up too much, or you may have eaten too much of something or only eaten something. The problem is that this is caused by being too partial or too paranoid. Just a little bit of balance.

Scorpio constellation friends have no major health problems, but there are constant minor problems, and they are not smooth here, so they actually belong. Your habit needs to be adjusted. If you don’t adjust it, it will become serious in the future. Of course, it will not be very good.

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