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This week’s horoscope Sun Sagittarius Neptune Pisces: Karma Return Week (Photos)

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This week’s horoscope Sun Sagittarius Neptune Pisces: Karma Return Week (Photos)

Karma payback week. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

What is the astrology for the week from November 28 to December 4?

We are already in December, so this week can be defined as karmic return week. At the end of the week, on Sunday, Neptune will go direct. First, Neptune is in Pisces, and then we have a lot of stars, the sun, Mercury, and Venus are all in Sagittarius. In fact, Sagittarius and Pisces in astrology are related to our spirituality and spiritual world.

Sagittarius has to do with our overseas travels. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Sagittarius has something to do with our overseas travels

Of course, Sagittarius also travels overseas with us, so have you ever traveled overseas? Have you been in frequent contact with foreign friends recently? Then or, you are already ready to move, making long-term planning or the elongated planning of our career, and there are many philosophers, fortune tellers, or school teachers and masters around, and you also want to go back to school. Shooter Sensation. In other words, the shooter must provide us with vision, and vision is very important.

Neptune will go direct on Pisces Sunday

Neptune will go direct on Sunday in Pisces, so have there been many religious matters recently, which makes you feel that there are a lot of news, because they will also start to move. On the contrary, Pisces itself should also move. When the remaining power is activated, of course it is the return of karma, good is rewarded with good, and evil is rewarded with evil. Of course, many people say that he does not believe that good is rewarded with good, and evil is rewarded with evil. Then we will wait for Neptune to go direct. You feel what? Because Neptune acts on the invisible, maybe we have a lot of coincidental feelings about fate, so feel it and you will know what Neptune is.

Neptune will go direct on Sunday in Pisces. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Impact on individual constellations

Tired this week: Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

Friends of the Taurus zodiac sign have not had a good relationship with the chief recently. They may have more sharp words or accusations against you. I am very optimistic about you. Then in terms of feelings, you should speak in a quieter voice, otherwise it will be a bit disadvantageous if it looks like arguing.

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Cancer friends, in terms of work, you are a little too soft-hearted, you are soft-hearted in everything, and the result is that you don’t do anything well or you are actually wronged. Then in terms of relationships, it is easy for you to fall in love secretly or take back your feelings, and you dare not take a step forward, which is a pity.

Friends of the Libra zodiac sign are prone to tangled situations recently. For example, both sides are people you think are very important, and then they all have their own reasons. What should you do? You can’t do the lesser of two evils, you really want to balance, so this week is really a week of testing the devil. Then in terms of relationships, there are improper temptations, and you also know that eating this temptation may not be good for you, but this temptation is quite big, so be careful.

Friends of the Capricorn zodiac sign have been a little sluggish recently, that is, in terms of work, the things you want to promote are a bit lacking in karma, lack of resources, etc. Maybe the problem is not on you, you may have to be more patient . In terms of emotional issues, the relationship between the two of you has reached the point where it is tasteless to eat, and it is a pity to discard it. Of course, I think it has something to do with your attitude. You should be more decisive. The protagonist of the change is also you, you If you are willing to change, you have the opportunity to change.

Stable this week: Aries, Gemini, Lion, Sagittarius

Friends of the Aries zodiac sign are actually a bit stuck in work, and they feel that many hidden resistances are not small, so I advise you not to be impatient, you have to find out that problem, I think it is better and more sensible of. In terms of relationship, there have been few topics recently. Do you care too much about the other party? If you do this, you may pay a price, and you should care about the other party more.

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Gemini friends, in terms of work, you are more suitable to cooperate with familiar people. I don’t think you should take this risk with unfamiliar people, because it will take a lot of time and effort for you. Then it is quite suitable for dating at home in terms of relationships, because you also need to heal or take a break recently.

Leo friends will meet a lot of new friends at work. Although some of them are blind, take your time, or make you roll your eyes, there are also excellent people, so it is worth socializing more. Then in terms of feelings, the probability of changing from friends to lovers is quite high, so those among friends are actually pretty easy to talk to. It’s already ambiguous, you can refer to it.

In terms of work, Sagittarius, you have been conservative recently, which is indeed a pity, but I think you have encountered a very important change in your career, so it is good to be careful at every step. Then in terms of relationships, you are a little too low-key, so the opportunity may be taken away by others. This is what I want to remind you.

Liked this week: Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces

Virgo friends, in fact, this week’s wealth luck is quite good, but this wealth luck may come from your proper investment and financial management, or you have a lot of cases at work, or you get generous rewards, etc. That emotional aspect is also very attractive and allows you to unleash your charm, so you can dress up a little more than usual.

Friends of the zodiac sign of Scorpio, you will feel that this week is quite smooth, because many things are related, and then they are linked very cleverly, which makes you feel that you are very lucky, and resources can also be integrated in a big way, so take advantage of this week. Then in terms of relationships, if there is an opportunity to achieve a positive result, for example, you are quite compatible with the other party, or you have found a lot in common, then cherish it.

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Friends of the Aquarius zodiac sign have been very aggressive in their work or career recently. Although it may come from a feeling of wanting revenge that I want to show you, it makes you very motivated and can Well done, except that you will always meet someone who disagrees with you, but you can convince him. Be careful about quarreling emotionally, because your personality has become a little stronger.

Friends of the Pisces zodiac sign have the luck of being a noble person at work. The officers and elders are really kind to you, and they really want to remind you that your abilities and functions are very obvious, so you have the luck of being promoted. So in terms of relationship, if you are mainly work-oriented, put your relationship aside first.

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