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This week’s horoscope, Sun, Water, Scorpio and Jupiter, Pisces: Detective Week (Photos)

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This week’s horoscope, Sun, Water, Scorpio and Jupiter, Pisces: Detective Week (Photos)

This week’s horoscope Sun-water Scorpio plus Jupiter Pisces: Detective Week. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

What’s the horoscope like this week from November 7th to 13th?

Detective Week: Sun Mercury in Scorpio, Jupiter in Pisces

I will define this week as a detective week, because our sun and Mercury are in Scorpio, and Jupiter is already in Pisces. It is retrograde, and it is going to be smooth. Of course, this has attracted the energy of all the water signs. And the sun and Mercury are all here, of course, let us see a lot of truth clearly! Even what is going on in his mind and whether there are any dark secrets, we are very interested in exploring, so each of us can become a detective.

Tuesday will also usher in the opposition of the Sun and Uranus. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Tuesday Sun’s opposition to Uranus plus Saturn T forms a fixed T3 angle

In fact, the sun and Mercury are here. We will also usher in the opposition between the sun and the Uranus on Tuesday. The sun and the Uranus plus Saturn form a fixed T3 angle. This fixed T3 angle will definitely affect the economy. Some influences, for example, for us ordinary people, we will pay attention to our income, taxes, these money’s transactions with banks, loans, etc., whether to take out insurance and other things, then for national policy. , there will definitely be some policies with a large amount of money, maybe there is a shortage of money somewhere, or else take some money and move it there, then this fixed constellation must be related to our survival, So remember? It has been said that people are sometimes mad at people, especially now that geeks are in power, we will definitely meet a lot of people who do not play cards according to the rules of the cards, and then start to be angry with themselves, why are you not the one who plays cards according to the rules of cards people, but do you dare? You must not dare, so we have to study it as detectives. Why do they dare, okay? A lot of things depend on this kind of 1:1 learning.

Uranus Sun and Saturn form a fixed T3 angle. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Mercury and Venus will be in aspect to Neptune, Pluto and Jupiter

Mercury and Venus will be in aspect to Neptune, Pluto, and Jupiter, don’t forget, there are two planets of super collective consciousness, so if your intuition comes up with a good idea, it’s probably the one you’ve picked up from a lot of information Gold and gold nuggets should take him seriously, because he may change your destiny.

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Mercury and Venus will be in aspect to Neptune, Pluto and Jupiter. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

How does it affect individual constellations?

Tired: Cancer, Leo, Libra, Capricorn

Friends of the Cancer constellation, in fact, in terms of work this week, there will be halfway through the work to destroy Cheng Yaojin, or things will take a sharp turn. This is really quite nerve-racking, because what you are doing is everyone Everyone is watching, so this ability to adapt temporarily is very important; then in terms of relationships, you have been speaking sharply recently, which has an advantage. If you want to deal with a relationship, you can be very bright, and you can also be together. Very bright.

Friends of the constellation Leo, in fact, what you need to do recently at work is a long-term plan! You may be doing something that others don’t understand, but you know why you are doing it, and you are preparing for the future; then in terms of love, if you are already together, you should feel that you have received great help from him! The other half is your noble person. If you haven’t been together yet, if you don’t understand what he is thinking, of course it will be a bit frustrating.

Libra constellation friends will have a kind of intrigue in terms of work. In this case, the other party may not be very honest or trustworthy, so you may also want to spend a little more effort in this battle of wits; then in emotional On the one hand, speaking with each other is a bit reserved. In fact, it will be like this, which means that the trust is a little bit compromised. Of course, this is not good news, if you can’t believe him.

Friends of Capricornus may actually meet people who are too enthusiastic at work, or he is not telling you about work performance, but he is telling you about the world, which is a bit emotional blackmail, so this is a difficulty, not You are very good at passing the test; then in terms of relationships, you should pay attention to it. The other party may be enthusiastic, but you are indifferently rejected by you, or you set some thresholds. In fact, you are just shy, but you The poker face will really extinguish the enthusiasm of others!

Stable: Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius

In terms of work, Gemini friends will have a feeling that they have to confront you, because you will ask for many reasons, or they need to be able to convince you, but it is difficult for you to convince, you are more realistic, the advantage is that you can control You are doing well within the range, but there will be problems if you coordinate; in terms of relationships, you are more inclined to use money to get a lot of things done. For example, you are generous and willing to pay, but the other party wants It is likely that you are the delicate and considerate one.

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In terms of work, Virgo friends may encounter things that require you to spend a lot of time to get things done, so it will be a little harder. In this week, it will be real, and it will take time and effort; then in terms of relationships, you have a little spirit. You are weak, so it is easy to think that the other party has an opinion on you, then this will make you very panic, the relationship seems to be not very happy, but it will become the cause of your troubles.

Scorpio friends should pay attention to the problem of coordinating with others in terms of work. It is easy for you to have a lot of imagination, and then you may think too much, you will be emotionally blackmailed, and then you will be timid. In fact, you think too much. It’s caused by too much, sometimes let go of your heart, others will look favorably on you and say you can, so don’t think too much about it; then in terms of relationships, recently, there has been a little less gathering and more separation, or the other party’s attitude has really changed a little, then the change The reason may be that he is very busy, it’s not that he really doesn’t like it, or it may be that he doesn’t like it, so please distinguish carefully!

Aquarius is in career and work. Recently, you have been a little over-charged or over-charged. I hope you are controlling yourself and not getting too excited. Too much excitement will make you too advanced, and doing more will make you a little wrong; In terms of relationship, it is very important whether you and the other party have the same ideals and vision. We will discuss this issue recently.

Like: Aries, Taurus, Sagittarius, Pisces

Aries friends, in fact, in terms of work, you have to be strong when you meet a strong opponent, so when you meet a so-called strong opponent, you are inexplicably very fighting, and the opponent is likely to be a woman, and the wind direction is very strong, for example If you are good at speaking, this may also stimulate you to make further progress in this area; in terms of emotions, if you are a little too strong, or you speak too sharply, this will damage your peach blossoms.

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In terms of work, the Taurus constellation friends are actually working. What you will do is to control things, that is, you will find this thing difficult to control, so you will use a lot of energy to control it, then this week will be a little tired, but I believe in you Under the control of the person, the situation is quite good; then in terms of feelings, the other party may be quite stubborn, or you have a choice between the two.

Friends of the Sagittarius constellation have recently been appreciated by their elders in terms of work. They should be very optimistic about you and are ready to raise you up. This is conceivable; then in terms of love, you are a little more focused on work. , so you may be more on the matter and give the other person the impression of being inhumane, which is a bit of a deduction.

Friends of Pisces, in terms of work, you have recently become the person who is more critical, more logical, and pays more attention to some details, so you are the devil lady or the devil; then in terms of love, you have recently Take a relatively high-cold route, so there may be a little threshold, others will find it difficult to approach, but they think you are charming.

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