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This week’s new film recommends two Zhejiang-produced movies “Red Boat” anti-epidemic blockbuster “Chinese Doctor”-Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

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This week’s new film recommends two Zhejiang-produced movies “Red Boat”, the anti-epidemic blockbuster “Chinese Doctor”

I went to the theater “Friday on New Day” again. There are nearly ten new films released today, among which the most watched is the “Anti-epidemic” movie “Chinese Doctor”, and the Zhejiang-produced film “Red Boat” which tells the birth of the Chinese Communist Party is also the same. Worthy of attention.

Bring a tissue to see “Chinese Doctor”

“Mom, can I come back on New Year’s Eve? I can’t come back, I’m sorry” “The day after I came, I wrote two suicide notes”…

Yesterday, “Chinese Doctor” directed by Liu Weiqiang and starred by Zhang Hanyu, Yuan Quan, Zhu Yawen, Li Chen, Yi Yanqianxi, Ou Hao, etc., was screened in advance in Hangzhou Bona Joy City. The real story, watching the crying scene one Blockbuster movie theater manager. Someone tweeted on Moments that they cried until the contact lenses were all shifted.

The film is adapted from real events in the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic. It uses Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital as the core story background, and uses Wuhan medical staff and various provinces and cities across the country to aid Hubei medical teams as the prototypes. It records the story of the Chinese people’s arduous fight against the epidemic in a panoramic manner.

Jin Zai, the takeaway boy played by Ou Hao, heard that he was confirmed to have a fever and cried bitterly on the spot, shouting “You must be mistaken”; Wu Chenguang, a doctor from the Shanghai aid to Hubei medical team played by Li Chen, was so sad that he was lying on his stomach. On the shoulders of others, they cried and said, “I can’t save you.” Yuan Quan plays Wen Ting, the director of the Department of Critical Care Medicine. After wearing protective clothing, goggles and masks for a long time, his skin was soaked in sweat and his face was full of strangles.

Zhang Hanyu, who led the team to turn the tide in the movie “Captain of China“, this time played Zhang Dingyu, the former president of Jinyintan Hospital. Even though he was suffering from frostbite, when the epidemic broke out, which was the month when Wuhan’s medical resources were most scarce, he got up at 6 o’clock every day and lay down at 1 o’clock in the morning the next day. In order to play this role well, Zhang Hanyu followed Zhang Dingyu for three days.

Zhang Wenhong, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, also praised the film’s truthfulness at the Shanghai premiere last night: “I have been picking up on any bugs (vulnerabilities) in this movie, but I barely found it for more than two hours.”

Tell the “Red Boat” story well, tell the Chinese story well

At the beginning of the century, we will lead China. A hundred years ago, a red boat quietly set sail from Zhejiang, bearing the entrustment of history and the people, and finding a path of truth for the people. The film “Red Boat” takes the “Red Boat Spirit” as its outline, and takes the young Mao Zedong’s perspective and ideological growth as the main line, presenting and restoring the birth process of the Communist Party of China. It can be said that this “Red Boat” is full of the passionate youth and ideals of the predecessors 100 years ago.

“Red Ship” is the chief producer of Yang Yang, Ye Jinjun as producer, solemn chief planner, Huang Yazhou screenwriter, co-directed by Shen Dong and Wang Deqing, and is directed by Hou Jingjian, Chen Duling, Wang Zhifei, Zhang Tong, Tang Guoqiang, Yu Shaoqun, Yu Haoming, Zhao Ziqi and others co-starred, and also invited famous musician Dou Peng to compose and young idol Zhang Zhehan to sing the theme song of the same name.

The film had its grand premiere recently in the International Conference Hall of the Great Hall of the People in Zhejiang Province. The chief planner solemnly stated at the premiere, “In human history, there may not be any story as great and exciting as’Red Ship’.’Red Ship’ is a big IP. We should tell the story of’Red Ship’ well. , This is the best Chinese story.”

The actors who played the predecessors of the revolution are also very hard. Director Shen Dong said at the premiere that there was a summer scene in the film, which coincided with a big cold wave during filming. The lowest temperature of the day was only minus 9 degrees Celsius. In such a cold environment, the actors breathed as soon as they spoke. In order not to wear the help, everyone finally used the method of chewing ice to let the temperature of the mouth drop to almost the outside temperature before finishing the filming smoothly. Another director Wang Deqing also said: “During the shooting, our main creative team repeatedly sculpted every line, every micro-expression, and every position. Although the film can never achieve full marks, we have made efforts to make the film become infinitely The standard you want.”

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