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Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition s4 wasteland reclamation team ranking s4 wasteland reclamation lineup recommended

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What is the ranking of the s4 wasteland reclamation team in the strategic edition of the Three Kingdoms? Which one is better for the s4 land reclamation team? I believe that many players have entered the new PK season of S4 one after another. The changes in gameplay and the difficulty of land reclamation are compared to the previous S1-S3 The season also has a more obvious difference! Not much to say, let’s follow the editor of Pipa.com to find out!

Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition s4 wasteland reclamation team recommendation:

Wasteland Reclamation Team 1-Lu Xun Zuoci Wasteland Reclamation Team

The S4 season is also known as the PK season. At the beginning of the game, you can get the land reclamation privileges of 15 imperial generals. Therefore, many players will choose Lu Xun with Zuo Ci and add 3 imperial generals for land reclamation. Basically, among the many 3 imperial generals, Zhang Chunhua is First choice, then Cai Wenji and Li Dian, basically from the opening to playing advanced ground, the performance of this team is very strong.

Wasteland Reclamation Team 2-Jiang Weiguan Yinping Wasteland Reclamation Team

The high-strength Shuqi opens up wasteland. Because Jiang Wei and Guan Mei both have relatively stable output, Cai Wenji is the main choice for the third general. It can not only increase the team’s damage, but also bring a certain amount of damage. Battery life is restored.

Wasteland Reclamation Team 3-Xiahouyuan Taishi Ci Huang Yueying Wasteland Reclamation Team

This is a land reclamation combination of the pure kitchen knife team. The stable output of Xia Houyuan and Tai Shici combined with Huang Yueying’s damage bonus can guarantee the end of the battle in the first 3 rounds. The only drawback is that there is no return to the battery life, which is prone to relatively high battles. The loss situation is a relatively extreme set of wasteland gameplay, suitable for the big celebrities. Basically, the battle can be ended in 2 rounds!

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The above is the game strategy of “Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition s4 Wasteland Team Ranking” brought to you by the editor of Pipa Net. I believe that these are all things that everyone usually wants to know, and I hope it will be helpful to all friends. For more latest game information, you can search for our “Pipa.com + Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition Mobile Games Official Website” area. We will bring you more news in the follow-up!

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