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“Three Lines and Wheels” is launched today. Sanjiang Zhiguai, Folk Customs and Strange Affections Attack Water Mandrills and Super-burning Gathering Golden Soup_TOM Entertainment

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“Three Lines and Wheels” is launched today. Sanjiang Zhiguai, Folk Customs and Strange Affections Attack Water Mandrills and Super-burning Gathering Golden Soup_TOM Entertainment

Directed by Cui Yanlong, starring Jiang Peiyao and Xu TaoadventuresuspensefulAction movie “Sanshin Wheel”Today, it is officially launched simultaneously on the three major platforms of Tencent Video, Youku and iQiyi. The film is adapted from the popular novel of the same name by the well-known writer Wei Yu, and it is also another film and television adaptation of Wei Yu’s work after “Si Teng”. Wei Yu’s original works, such as “Sanjiang Water Ghost”, “Underwater Bank”, “Underwater Six Arts” and other bizarre and imaginative settings, will be unveiled today.

Sanjiang water mandrills gather high energy and go to Jintang to form group battles, mutant monsters, petrified and frozen corpses

underwater bank“The secret has been passed down in the Sanjiang River Basin for thousands of years, and the people who run this business are called “water mandrills”. Those who have the ability of water mandrills are endowed with supernatural powers, can breathe freely under the water as if they are walking on flat ground, and are proficient in the six underwater arts. Very strong. They make money from water in the Sanjiang River Basin, taking treasures and Shenbao for a living. The heroine Yi Sa (played by Jiang Peiyao) is the last water mandrill of the Yi family and the “manager” of the Lancang River underwater bank.

After the tragedy of overturning the pot and destroying the family twenty years ago, she accidentally obtained the “power of water mandrill”, but with the talent came frequent strange diseases. According to legend, the “water essence gall” is hidden in the ancestral golden soup. Swallowing the water essence gall can not only cure stubborn diseases, but also become the strongest water mandrill, and can open countless treasures of golden soup in the Sanjiang River Basin.

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In order to find a cure for the strange disease and uncover the truth about the massacre of the Yi family, Yi Sa decided to go to the Zuyuan Jintang in person. On the way, she rescued Zonghang (Xu Tao), the cute and rich second generation of the “Human Flesh Key” who was integrated with the Jiang family’s ancestral brand, and conducted a “water mandrill” trial with Ding Jia’s water mandrill Ding Yudie (Zhang Yaqi) , Prepare to go down to the ancestral gold soup.

However, at the bottom of Gongting Lake with “Asian Bermuda”, they encountered Ding Changsheng (played by Liang Guorong), the head of the Ding family who had been ambushing for a long time, and Ding Qi (played by Xie Mingyu), the adopted son of an extinct family. And the thousand-year-old frozen corpses and underwater beasts in the bottom of the water are also awakened inadvertently in their melee…

Powerful actors join the “Water Mandrill Wanyan Group” and the atmosphere of love is full

Compared with previous action-adventure movies, “Sanshin Wheel” can be called a big production. The film combines action-adventure and suspense-hunting smoothly. There are a large number of visually impactful underwater action scenes and famous scenes of sweet and cool sadomasochism in the film. It can be said that it perfectly takes into account the viewing needs of both men and women.

The most admirable thing for movie fans is the casting of this film. The characters in the film are almost “close to the face” restoration of the original work-Jiang Peiyao played the cold and domineering black-bellied sister Yi Sa. This time she changed her sweet image from the past. , with neat short hair, sexy makeup, and a pair of beautiful legs make Dongfang Laura’s sense of sight come out; the sunny boy Xu Tao plays the silly, white and sweet Zonghang at his fingertips. The two attributes of money and money are firmly grasped, and in the second half of the movie, the audience was full of tears; Zhang Yaqi, who played the role of Ding Yudie, also played the image of a “male girlfriend” who is gossip, gossip, and righteousness.

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In addition to the high degree of restoration of the Iron Triangle, the supporting roles also have both appearance and acting skills. Whether it is Xie Mingyu who plays the unruly Ding Qi, Dong Qianyu who plays the mysterious sister Yi Xiao, or Waer who is affectionate brother-in-law Jiang Jun, all of them It perfectly restored the essence of the characters in the original work, and was called “Water Mandrill Wanyan Group” by fans.


It is reported that the film is produced by Tencent Video and Datang Xinghe, and is produced and distributed by Datang Xinghe. The movie “Three Lines of Wheels” has now premiered on the entire network, and it is locked on Tencent Video, iQiyi and Youku to experience this sincere annual underwater adventure action movie.

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