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Time Flies Pioneer Centennial Cadillac Stunning Opening of the 25th Shanghai International Film Festival_Ruige_Technology_Witness

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Original Title: Time Flies Pioneer Centennial Cadillac Stunning Opening of the 25th Shanghai International Film Festival

Recently, the 25th Shanghai International Film Festival opened brilliantly at the Shanghai Grand Theater. Cadillac, which interprets the artistic style with avant-garde luxury, serves as an official partner to witness the highlight moment together, and to move forward fearlessly with film pioneers and rush to a brilliant life. Stars shined at the red carpet ceremony of the Golden Jubilee Ceremony. Fei Xiang, Hui Yinghong, Jason Statham, Shen Teng, Nicholas Tse, Anita Yuen, Chow Yun-fat, Zhu Yawen, Zhu Yilong and other hundreds of filmmakers at home and abroad brought “Fengshen Part I” and “Super Stars” together. Excellent film works such as “Neng Family”, “Customs Front”, “Travel Through the Moon” were all unveiled, presenting a stunning light and shadow event.

As the star-designated car of the 25th Shanghai International Film Festival, pure electric LYRIQ also appeared on the “Asia’s No. 1 Red Carpet” with special “light” and “shadow”, demonstrating the pioneering spirit everywhere and witnessing this glorious moment together , in the era of smart travel, escorts filmmakers from all over the world with stunning design and forward-looking technology.

Cadillac has always been committed to brave exploration, subverting the imagination of the future with innovative and breakthrough technologies. LYRIQ, which was unveiled this time together with filmmakers from various countries, is a masterpiece of Cadillac that combines pioneering technology and luxurious design. As the first luxury pure electric vehicle based on the Altetron electric vehicle platform, LYRIQ presents a new futuristic sensory experience for drivers and passengers. During this year’s film festival, Cadillac also bravely embraced the power of sci-fi films, presenting the sci-fi film week with sci-fi films as a link, and using its international influence to help the development of Chinese sci-fi films. This sci-fi film week will show three early Chinese sci-fi classic films “Dead Light on Coral Island”, “Displacement” and “Thunderbolt Babe” through the drive-in theater, and will also bring “Sleeping Giant” and “1983 Cricket World Cup” Together with the three overseas masterpieces of “Plastic Symphony”, it will lead fans to experience the sci-fi world from the vanguard’s perspective.

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Cadillac, which has been associated with film art for a hundred years, has fully supported the global film industry in different forms. It is not only a witness to the vigorous development of the off-screen film industry, but also a “special actor” in countless classic films. In recent years, Cadillac has left unforgettable screen images in “The Shape of Water”, “Green Book”, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” and other films that have won top film awards. Accompanied by the Shanghai International Film Festival for ten years, Cadillac will continue to support and encourage all filmmakers with dreams, pursue their dreams with a pioneering attitude, shine in the world of light and shadow, and write more legends of light and shadow!Image source: Photo courtesy of the companyReturn to Sohu to see more


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