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Times Youth League’s 2nd Anniversary Live Broadcast: Donated 2 million to left-behind children

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Time Youth League’s 2nd Anniversary Live Broadcast: Donated 2 million to left-behind children

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On the evening of November 22, all members of the Times Youth League gathered in Kuaishou to hold a special live broadcast event for the second anniversary of the group. Through the Kuaishou live broadcast room, Times Youth League officially announced a targeted donation of 2 million yuan to the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund to support the “Children’s Happy Home Project” and provide learning, safety, and psychological services and assistance to left-behind migrant children. Send warmth to more children and light up hope. In addition, Times Youth League also appealed to the public to pay attention to the Kuaishou & Yao Fund’s “Adolescent Healthy Growth Assistance Program”, to gain growth and happiness from physical exercise.

During the live broadcast, the members also talked about their debut, hilariously completed the task relay challenge, sang 8 songs in a row, and spent an unforgettable night with the fans in front of the screen.

Singing and playing are full of tacit understanding, chatting and making wishes are constantly moved

The 7 members showed the full vitality of the youth in the live broadcast, fancy push-ups, finger-turning basketball, pulling the air “erhu”, and pretending to be “the god of Erlang”. One operation made fans call “deserved of you”. I have to say that in Kuaishou, countless users have witnessed the growth of teenagers. From the initial youthfulness and shyness to the natural and lively life, the teenagers walked into fans with positive energy step by step.

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When asked about their wishes for the 2nd anniversary, the 7 people put away their mischievous side and expressed their hearts in a sincere dialogue. Ma Jiaqi hopes that a concert can be held in the future to satisfy the fans’ all-time wishes; Song Yaxuan and Liu Yaowen hope to stand on a bigger and better stage in the future and get more support from more people; Yan Haoxiang and He Junlin hope that members can continue Maintain creative power and continue to release excellent works. In addition to the team, the members have always cared about each other. Zhang Zhenyuan made a wish to wish the members good health, and Ding Chengxin hoped to have the opportunity to have a lively and separate trip with the members.

The continuous singing of songs has become a highlight of this live broadcast. The members are walking “CD players”, chorus and solo are not scared at all. The new song “Drunk” was sung for the first time. The gentle tone, tacit harmony and Chinese national musical instruments and folk song minor tunes present a unique and lively “new national style” of youth. Next, sing the classic songs “Our Song”, “Daoxiang”, “Snow as Snow”, “Love Is Simple”, solo songs “Tail Number 6208”, “Got You”, and songs dedicated to fans —— “Popcorn”, a live broadcast of the Kuaishou studio into a small LIVE scene, so that fans will be addicted to it.

Pass on love and light up hope, and quickly create a positive energy ecology for celebrities

Apart from the excitement, Times Youth League also decided to pass on the full love gained over the past two years on this important day-donating 2 million to left-behind children. They said, “I hope that I can do my best to send warmth to more children, and hope that every child can grow up happily.”

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In Kuaishou, apart from recording life and sharing attitudes and opinions like most creators, celebrities often use their influence to do charity and positive things like Times Youth League.

For example, Huang Bo participated in an underwater public welfare live broadcast event and initiated an action to protect the marine environment; Huang Zitao repeatedly called on everyone to protect the environment and not waste food; Lin Gengxin persuaded fans to chase stars rationally, and only like his work if he likes a person; Chen Kungeng He shared his ten-year journey in Qinghai-Tibet, Dunhuang, Shangri-La and other places. He hopes to help everyone find their inner peace through the public welfare project “Power of Walking”.

Jackie Chan, who has just joined Kuaishou as the chief warmth officer of Kuaishou, admitted for the first time that he is not a big hero considered by the outside world. His confession about “struggling” encouraged many fast-handed users to spontaneously share stories of their own struggles, and inspire more people to chase their dreams. During the period of entering, Jackie Chan also praised the creative video of Taiyuan Fire Fighting, and contributed to government propaganda… …As artists, their social responsibility is fully reflected in Kuaishou.

In the future, under the “people’s entertainment” strategy, Kuaishou Entertainment will have more positive and charitable star ecological content landing, while enriching the community ecology, it will continue to deliver valuable and meaningful positive content to the society. .

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