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tips and ideas to create a unique environment

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tips and ideas to create a unique environment

Have you ever heard of boho decor? If you like mixing different colors, textures and styles in the same environment, this style will probably win you over.

Known for a long time in fashion, boho (or boho chic) ​​is marked by diversity, but without losing harmony. The secret is a balanced mix of pieces to give the room a hippie-like atmosphere, with vintage decor and, at the same time, very elegant. Furthermore, this is one of the main styles of decoration, being an alternative for those who like the bohemian style and want to create that atmosphere in their home. How to do this? We will explain it better from now on.

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What is boho decor?

Boho decor is the contemporary bohemian style. Its focus is to mix different references – such as vintage with natural, oriental and folk elements, and earthy colors – to convey a feeling of connection with art and freedom through versatility, creativity and the unusual.

This is because the term boho decoration is derived from “bohemian chic†, a trend related to the gypsy and nomadic lifestyle. So, the idea is to move away from traditional cultural standards to create a totally different interior design with a lot of personality.

Due to this characteristic, boho is a type of vintage decoration that reinforces the feeling of belonging. In other words, your home is cozy for you, as the objects tell a story. This way, your home has its own identity.

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What are the main elements that characterize boho decoration?

The main elements that characterize boho decoration are:

Prints: are present in great number and variety. They can be on tapestries, cushions and different objects;

Cores: make their presence felt by balancing the brightest tones with the neutral ones. Some of the main ones are the earthy colors, yellow, khaki, orange and olive green;

Natural elements: the most used materials are wood and wicker. Plants are also placed to decorate the environment;

Comfort: boho decor invests in coziness. Therefore, it is common to use hammocks, wool blankets and armchairs;

Craftsmanship: The handmade pieces bring a special personality. Macramé is often used, but it is also possible to opt for other techniques, such as crochet, knitting and embroidery;

Iluminação: it is recommended to have good natural light and varied points in lamps, chandeliers, chandeliers, table lamps and more;

Texture: the idea is to use this element to provide tactile comfort.

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How to decorate boho style?

Do you want to adopt this style full of personality in your home? Check out our tips and get inspired.

1. Use wood

If there is one thing that cannot be missing in a boho style environment, it is wood. And lots of wood! It can be on furniture, small objects or even on the floor.

This type of material is perfect for creating environments that are both casual and cozy. To give a vintage and rustic decor look, use antique pieces of furniture.

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Furthermore, it is worth leaving the wood with little treatment. The idea is to keep the fibers visible to show imperfections. This is a way of valuing craftsmanship.

2. Use craft pieces

To leave the space with a touch of the hippie movement of the 1960s and 1970s – one of the great influences of boho – there is nothing better than crafts. From cushion covers and crochet or patchwork covers to other types of handmade items. These are objects that reinforce the rustic nature of boho and bring a feeling of comfort.

Another tip is to use rugs and place them in different places, such as walls. Thrift store items and souvenirs found on your travels are very welcome!

It is also possible to make handcrafted objects in a do-it-yourself (DIY) style. This is a way to save money, leave the environment with your personality and still have a good result with the bohemian and vintage style of boho decoration.

3. Invest in bright colors

Despite being marked by the mix of elements, the environment in boho decoration needs to be light. When transforming your space, opt for bright, cheerful colors. Ethnic and floral prints also have everything to do with this style.

To contrast with the brown, beige and ocher of the wooden elements, it is interesting to use primary colors – red, yellow and blue – in addition to green, which refers to nature. You can also be bold with purple and dark blue.

4. Choose pieces that tell a story

The objects used in boho decoration need to tell a story. They are not chosen at random, because it is important that they bring some memory. For example, an armchair that looks like it came from grandma’s house, a Victorian lamp or a restored china cabinet.

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5. Place plants

Boho decoration also uses plants to reinforce the bohemian style through natural elements. You don’t need to create an urban jungle, but it’s worth having potted plants, a vertical garden or whatever you prefer. In this scenario, the most adopted species are cacti, Adam’s rib and ferns.

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